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Crochet Kitten Clothes with Me (Part 1)

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4 months ago
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One thing that I love about crochet is that imagination is the limit when it comes to the projects you can make. Even basic crochet stitches can give you different projects of all sizes if you just believe in yourself.

For example, to make amigurumis all you need is to learn the basic single crochet stitch. You can learn it in a week if you would exert time and effort. Of course, you also need to trust yourself.

In the process of learning, it is easy to me demotivated. It is easy to put down the crochet hook, and yarns while thinking that you have no talent for it.

But talent can only take you so far. If I had given up in the first week of learbin how to crochet, I would not have been able to make the cute projects I have been making since then.

So today, buckle up. I will be sharing a simple pattern for your adorable pets, not just kittens, but you can also adjust this depending on your pet's measurement.

Apologies though

I have to say sorry since I do not have much picture so you really have to test your imagination to follow along this written tutorial. I hope that it will be clear though! If you have any questions, you may send a message to Telegram (@zehrasky) or just post a comment here. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Let's get started

First thing we need to do is get the measurements of the pets that we want to make clothes for. If the pet you are making for is still in the process of growing up, I suggest leaving room for growth so that the yarn will not be wasted. I did the same for the kittens.

I actually waited for a few months before I decided to make them clothes since I know that they grow up so fast. I did not want to have tons of crochet clothes that they outgrew.

For reference, my kittens are now 4 months old if you are wondering whether or not you should start crochetin for your pet.

I am sharing this flatlay of the kitten clothes so you can have an idea what we are working on.

First measurement you need to get is the circumference of the neck. So take a measurin tape and wrap it lightly around you pet's neck. For my kittens, their neck measurement is 11 inches.

Then you need to measure how far is the neck from their front legs. For Oreo and Presto, this measurement is 2 inches.

You would also need to measure the distance of the legs from one another. It is 2 inches for my kittens. You would also need to estimate the size of the armholes that can fit your pet's front legs. For mine, I used the measurement 2 inches by 3 inches.

In addition to the measurements above, you need to get the circumference of their stomachs to make the appropriate increase so that the clothes will fit them. In this measurement, I used 13 inches for the kittens.

Lastly, you need to get the length of the kittens from the neck up to the point where you want the clothes to end. You can choose to make a crop top style where only the upper part of your pets is covered or you can choose to make a dress like I did with mine. The length of the clothes I made for Oreo and Presto is 10 inches.

Closing words

I will end this article here so that you will not be too overwhelmed. Just write down the measurements that I mentioned in a piece of paper and keep that safe as you wait for the next part.

The next part of this article will include the materials you need, the process, and how the finished product will look like on your pets.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   356
4 months ago
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I really wanted to practice doing crochet

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4 months ago

I promise. I will make time for learning how to crochet. It's a cool hobby that I would love to have.

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4 months ago

I enjoy seeing your works, Zehra. I've been seeing a lot of people do crocheting recently and I must say that I admire the creativity behind it. It requires patience and a huge well done to you.

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4 months ago