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BitCoin Cash a dream for All

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1 year ago

Why should we protect BitcoinCash?

The main reason is because it helps us to be free and allows us to live the dream of an easy, fast and accessible exchange option at very low commissions being accepted worldwide without censorship or conditions.

Very useful and profitable for poor people, something very important.

It is precisely they, those with the lowest resources and with a life expectancy, growth and education, the most affected if Bitcoin Cash is seized or modified to benefit a single group.

If BCH helps many to be happy, why are there people who want to destroy it?

It is an action of aggression and of little humanity to want to damage everyone's dream for a particular interest, there are many ways to try to discuss internal differences within the BCH, abandoning politics is a mistake that in the end can harm us all and possibly more to those who still do not know the final outcome of this story.

The main victims of this conflict are and will be those who keep a few BCH or pennies in a wallet to buy water and food in countries where the BCH has come to offer food, to deliver a book to promote the study and even where it has allowed a child to buy shoes to attend a school, in short, the most affected will be those who can still live and dream thanks to BCH.

They are the stories less told, but they are the ones that many of our societies live that are still stigmatized by the scourges of FIAT money, it is there where BitcoinCash is precisely a solution and not an option, the division of Bitcoin Cash is more of a triumph for antagonism to the freedom and economic prosperity of humanity, those who want its failure are the same who want to keep us kidnapped and immersed old economic doctrines that only make the majority poorer and a few richer.

Bitcoin Cash has come our way to solve problems and make dreams come true. uniting people with different languages, ways of thinking, cultures and lifestyles on a voluntary basis.

Before its apparent imminent division, I would like to invite the most influential characters within BitcoinCash to do something for others that may only take a minute of your time.

Let's look into the eyes of children who are still smiling with BCH and social actions.

Let's look into the eyes of mothers who can feed their children thanks to BitcoinCash.

Let's look into the eyes of the young people who have created groups to share tokens and BCH with all their family and friends.

Let's look merchants in the eye who have set aside other payment alternatives to accept BitcoinCash in their trade, harboring BitcoinCash as a solution for their future.

Let's look into the eyes of the attendees of each meetup around the world, they dream with freedom and prosperity.

Let's look into the eyes of our children and take care of the possibility of helping them to live in a world with opportunities for all in a free and prosperous way.

Let's look BitcoinCash, even though it is Green, yellow, orange or any color, it continues to accept us all equally, without censorship or conditions.

Let's look the man in the mirror and ask him how to preserve Satoshi Nakamoto's dream and build this path of freedom for all.

Bitcoin Cash is and will be sound money for Everyone.

Sofia. 💚

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Written by   696
1 year ago
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