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The Happiest Are The Saddest

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2 months ago

Do you believe that "most" of the happiest people are the saddest? I do and I am writing this based on my personal experience.

An individual who is sad knows how it feels to be distant from everyone else or not heard or misjudged. The circumstance can differ, yet the outcome stays same for example misery. Also, that person absolutely need to ensure the ones around himself/herself and attempts to make everybody cheerful and this is the main way he/she can conceal his aggravation.

It's a quiet illness. Individuals you know have it, and you might be uninformed. You don't generally realize except if they need you to know. Some are experts of concealing it. Regardless of whether you know, you can't fix them. You most certainly can't let them know how to improve it. Regardless of whether you think you comprehend.

I have been told by many that I'm a very positive person. A few years prior, I was treated for depression, which required nearly 12 months of treatment and some prescription. Toward the end, my therapist said she was satisfied with my advancement, as I myself was. Yet, she likewise let me know that I was profoundly passionate commonly, and that I would keep on having misrepresented highs and lows and roller-coasters. She was correct. I have figured out how to live with this, however have utilized it too.

One thing I know without a doubt is that occasionally the ones who appear to be the most joyful are the ones who hurt the most. Go check on your family and friends from time to time. And if you think or know someone struggling with this condition, share your inclinations. Offer some help and assistance. We are human and life can be messy and complicated a times.

They may be experiencing peacefully. Their weight might turn out to be an excessive amount to handle. Your thoughtful gesture, your shoulder, your discussion may be the light in somebody's murkiness.

Has anybody seen how despite the fact that our everyday lives presently are really predictable? Our mindsets and sentiments on all that appear to change, in any case? Up, down, in general? Our mental health is very essential and I generally write to sort out the things I am feeling.

We should be there for other people, yet we likewise should be there for ourselves, as well. Don't forget.

I am just here, my friends. Message me when you need me. Right now though, I am off to bed, so I'll hopefully catch you again when I get back on. Time is just too scarce for me.

One love,


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November 27, 2021

12:06 am


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Written by   638
2 months ago
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