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1 BCH(?) from noise and read. My journey in blogging.

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1 month ago

Before joining platforms where you can earn through blogging, I was one of those who tried faucets just to earn bitcoin. I can't remember now how much have I earned and what are those sites. I'm pretty sure what I have earned from those is negligible.

Blogging sites/apps I joined

I was then invited by friends to join Bubblews. For those who are not familiar with Bubblews, it was a microblogging site where you get to earn by posting just like noise. You can earn from comments and likes too. Some were earning a lot there that a coworker of my brother before who was in Bubblews resigned from his regular job because he was earning double his regular salary and probably more in Bubblews. Sadly, Bubblews closed due to bankruptcy. It was good while it lasted. Many have not been paid.

Moving on.


I think it was in 2014 when I was introduced to bitlanders. bitlanders is a blogging site where you can share photos, videos and blogs and you get to earn bitcoin. That was my first blogging site where one can earn bitcoin. It was a bit fun for you can create your avatar.

I was Ako-Eto in bitlanders. momentswithmatti, Bloghound and CarlosAndJane were some of the members there as well.

We get to change costumes depending on what is available at the shop. Also, we can donate to charities. Some of the charities there are about empowering women in Afghanistan particularly through digital learning. There were also charities for orphans and sports I think. I can't remember it now. It was so long ago.

Photo source

I did make it to the top of the leader board there. Our blogs were reviewed by Hillary. It used to be free to submit your blogs for review but later on you have to pay some bitcoin. 5-star grade is the highest you can get. It was exciting to see your blogs get reviewed.

I haven't tried trading or investment for whatever I earned it was all converted to fiat.

I left when the way of earning was changed and it was getting tougher and tougher.

I also joined Steemit in December 2017. It's another blogging site where you can earn Steem Dollars that you can convert to fiat as well. I am still there as leeart. I stopped posting there last year and started again some days ago.

I still have some earnings there that I haven't cashed out.

I also tried tsu/display and kiki.

Noise and Read

This year, late March, I was invited by Bloghound in Noise. Those that I met from those sites I mentioned were also there. It's a new platform not like what I have been before. It's simpler and easier to earn. It was here that I get to know about BCH.

Back then, I have been reading some blogs being posted. Some encouraged me to write especially those I knew from other blogging sites. I was skeptic and not that motivated because managing noise is quite a challenge plus I have my regular job.

I then decided to join read in late June. I posted once and then again the next week. It was on my second week that I decided to spend more time here in read and it was good decision.

Here is a summary of my earnings during my first month:

I did not write every day then. I was just enjoying the platform. It was fun to have that blogging bug again.

For this month of August, I decided to write once a day.

I earned more during the first month for I was being rewarded bigger rewards then. The goal for the second month was to post once a day and I am glad that I was able to achieve that.

During my first month, I was able to make it to top five in terms of tipping. This time, I was down to 11. The last few weeks here I haven't been that active in visiting others so it's expected that my tips are lower.

In terms of earnings, this is the summary of my noise and read BCH earnings. This was generated by where I save my BCH. I'm not sure if I did that report right. Maybe someone from who is better well versed in can enlighten men on this?

I was hoping to make a better report. I hope next time it's gonna be as good as what this crazy dude did.

Just like what I do with the other sites, whatever I earn, I convert. As some of you know, our family house burned down August last year. You can read more about that here.

It was therefore a blessing for me and my family that I have am here in noise and read. That's why whatever I earn, I convert right away and send for the family to use to rebuild our home. It is not yet done. Construction is on hold for now because of lack of funds but we will continue once we have earned enough. For now, my family is my investment.

Thank you Bloghound for inviting me.

I now have 261 subscribers to start this month of September. Gaining subscribers here is not as fast in noise. However, thank you for subscribing. It's a good feeling that you have found something worthwhile in my blogs for you to subscribe.

What now?

When I started my second month, I was hoping that I can hold as long as I can to earn at least 1 BCH before converting again. However, a few days ago, I had to do it because of the need of money. It is unavoidable.

That's why I don't set a long term goal too for we don't know what the future holds.

Still, I am hoping to see that 1 BCH in my wallet.

Thank you so much to all of you including my sponsors.

My journey here is made enjoyable because of all of your support and encouragement. I am trying to give back to you all as much as I can even if you don't tip that's fine. My intention is to help as many as I can.

I am also inviting others here because I want to share to them the benefits we can have from noise, read and BCH.

Let's continue to help each other, support each other so that we can grow together.

Let's hope for a better September. Set new goals and stay the course. It's going to be okay.

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Written by   347
1 month ago
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