The Last Leaf

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Hello everyone, after being inactive for a couple of months, I am here again. For now I want to share with you my realization about the short story "Last Leaf".

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“A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.” ‘The Last Leaf’ written by William Sydney Porter mostly known as O. Henry. His short story is all about a girl who had a disease “pneumonia” that depends her life in the leaves of the ivy vine. She watches the leaves fall from a vine outside the window of her room, and decides that when the last leaf drops, she will die too, while her best friend Sue, tries to tell to stop thinking like that. In our life we can’t live alone, there’s always someone who stay at our side no matter what happen.

There were two female friends living in Greenwich Village. One of them was Johnsy, who get sick with pneumonia, and the doctor doesn’t give her much of a chance. Johnsy’s friend who named Sue keeps watching her and notice that Johnsy was counting. She asks why, and Johnsy replies that she counting leaves on the ivy vine and when the last leaf fall, she will die too. Then the day came that there was only one leaf on the ivy vine, and Sue is in despair that the leaf will fall and Johnsy will die too. So, she express her fears to the old man that live in downstairs. Mr. Behrman comes up and sits with her for a while. Then, next morning after the storm Sue open the curtain and found that the leaf is still there, and Johnsy recovers. Then, later it is revealed that it was painted by Mr. Behrman. And Mr. Behrman died at the old of 60 because of the disease, pneumonia.

“You needn’t get any wine,” said Johnsy her eyes find out the window. “There goes another. No, I don’t want any broth. That leaves just four. I want to see the last one fall before it gets dark then I’ll go too.” This line shows the negativity of Johnsy. She doesn’t have any hope to live, she is just waiting for the last leaf to fall and the time that she will go too. “Johnsy, dear” said Sue, bending over her, “will you promise me to keep your eyes closed and not to look out the window until I’m done working.” This line shows the care of Sue to her friend. She doesn’t want Johnsy to think that if the last leaf fall she will die too. “Couldn’t you draw in the other room?” asked Johnsy coldly. “I’d rather be here for you,” said Sue. “Besides, I don’t want you to keep looking at those silly ivy leaves.” These lines show that Sue is willing to be with Johnsy despite of everything.

In the story, the author wants to tell what the meaning of friendship is. He made the 2 character to be friend and to be together in times that they need each other. So he made a good character in his story that can makes us to understand what friendship is. The setting is good, because it is a village. A place that is not too crowded. The plot was properly arranged. And the last leaf that is used by Johnsy to symbolize her life was great.

I realized that having a friend is one of the best things we must have in our life. Being with them makes you feel safe. You have someone to call when you need someone to talk with. You will not be alone because they are always at your side in times of your happiness and sadness. That’s what I realized after reading the short story.

In our life we can’t live alone, there’s always someone who stay at our side no matter what happen. Best friend is a person who spend time for you, always care for you, listen to your problems, makes you happy when you are sad, always there for you, and a person who never give up telling what can be best for you when your negativity hits you. Thus, except to your parents, relatives, and any people who know you, best friend would also be responsible to you, and love you no matter what happen.

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Sounds good story, pero parang mejo nay pagka sad din no

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True pooo.

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