A Beautiful Soul

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1 year ago

It's been two weeks since I published my last article here. I got busy and something bad happens. So I am going to write down in this article what happened.

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Thank you to my current sponsors, sorry for not being active lately. God bless us all!

On the first week of not being active here, I was doing my home works since the end of semester is coming already. It is a usual problem that students encountered during last month of the semester. I am not good at managing time, especially with this online setup. Distractions is everywhere. Since I need to do my home works using gadgets, I am always tempted to open social media apps that make me finished my home work at a long time.

I also prioritize our thesis since we need to defend it before the semester end or before the new semester starts. But I am losing hope as of now, since our thesis adviser is not replying still. I am afraid to follow up again and again because he give us an schedule for consultation and he might get angry if I follow up not on time. He is scary HAHA. I don't why my charm didn't get him to be kind to us HAHAHA jk.

And yeah that is what happened on the first week.

On the second week something bad happens since my grandfather passed away. We just celebrated his birthday last November 14 and then he passes away last November 24. That was so fast since he was still strong during his birthday.

I am not able to be active here since me and my cousins slept at their home. I am sad but happy. Sad because we will never touch and feel his presence. Happy because I know he's happy now and free from pain. On the day he died, he visited on my cousins dream and told this phrase "okay na ako, wag na kayo mag-alala". When I heard that I smiled.

People who visited him always tell how kind my grandfather is. Yeah I know how kind he is. He is a generous person, he is willing to help everyone who needs help. So I am not shocked why our family from his side is so connected. His children inherits his kindness, no one of his children discipline their child by hitting of a hard things. Just like my father, my father never hit me. He will just say words but not that hurtful, he will just give me an advice when I did wrong. And he is always at our back to support our decisions in life.

"A beautiful soul is never forgotten"

We will never forget you my mamay! I know we'll meet again. Hanggang sa muli!

Closing Words

I tried to make this article even though my eye is aching and swollen because my last article was published 2 weeks ago. I don't want to feel abandoned this site since this is helpful with me. So yeah, I am happy that I made this article.

Tomorrow is the 9 nine days of my mamay so another busy day there and I am busy here at home because I have a class from 8 am to 6 pm. Tomorrow is a tiring day.

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