My Experience in investing to cryptocurrencies

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2 years ago

Since February 2021, when I started using, I became aware in digital money. I got curious so I started to search about it on youtube. I learn a lot of new knowledge about investing. But as a beginner, It is common to do a mistake, repeatedly mistake until you learn your lesson.

As a beginner, I started investing at Bitcoin Cash first. Why? Because helped me also to add satoshi in my wallet. I start investing my $20 on Bitcoin Cash so I just wait it until I gain some profit. Unfortunately, on April 2021, when Bitcoin Cash hit $600, I converted all my satoshi to my currency. You know what my mistake is? After I converted, Bitcoin Cash continues to rise until $1000. I really regret by doing such hasty move like that. I should not convert it all.

But now, I am still thankful that I experienced that mistake because of that I became aware from the possibilities in the market, and most importantly I learn a lesson and will never do that, again.

I will now become more patient and wait for the right time to buy and sell my hodl. I just want to share this for those beginners who will read this. To avoid the mistake that I've done, I should earn more profit is I couldn't made that mistake. So, let's support the crypto that we are investing to. Hoping for more profit for us!

We should not stop also for learning and searching all about investing, for us to be familiarized to the possibilities of the market.

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Experience makes us learn. Don't care if we lose some money. I think. Keep spirit :)

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2 years ago