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One important personality of a person is being persistent in doing such things even though how difficult it is. Having this kind of personality will lead you to success. I remember this phrase "If you fall down seven times, stand up eight times". This really means of not giving up, instead always choose to strive more despite of those failures happened. Never lose hope in everything.

This article will be about on what I've experienced last time when I was operating 5 gadgets at the same time just to earn money.

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Last November 14, 2021, my classmate asked me if I have a verified paymaya account. I said yes. She told me if I want to earn 300 per account by just transferring money. Of course I said yes, who among us would refuse to grab that free money. I don't know if you have an idea on what we've done. So I will tell it to you if you don't have any idea.

It is paymaya deals where you can get a voucher of 50 pesos each time if you transfer or send 10,000 pesos to 10 different friends or other paymaya verified users. Since, we just borrow the 10,000 that we've used to transfer, we need to pay 150 to the lender. So, I was supposed to be received 450 pesos per account. I am planning to be the lender next time hahaha. It was an easy 1,500 pesos, when it happen.

Getting back to what I've experienced haha I'll show you a picture as a proof that I did to operate 5 gadgets at the same time.

So it is just 4 haha 1 laptop, 2 phones, and 1 ipad. The other one is the one I used to take that picture. At my laptop I was grinding axie since that day is also my lolo's birthday. So I need to go to their house to celebrate. In 3 phones and 1 ipad I do all the transaction since we're 4 in a family I used 4 paymaya accounts. In one account it will have 9 transactions since you need to transfer it to each other. So a total of 36 transactions is what I did that time. It was hassle and caused be back pain since I need to look at the pattern to know whom I will send the money. I just realized how patience I am when it's about earning money.

Yeahh! I got a total of 1,200, but not all the vouchers are arrived. I need to wait for about 14 days to completely claim the 1,200.

It was hard but for me it was worth it. hehe

PS: The ipad and 1 phone is not mine hehe. I am not rich guys haha

Closing Words

I am a bit dizzy when writing this article since I had an inuman session last night with my friends. So yeah, I just ate my brunch too, finally. Eat your lunch too, my dear readers.

Have a nice Tuesday everyone!

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Galing ah, buti natyaga mo saka di ba nadedetect?

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Hindi po hehe. Kasi iba't iba naman po name nun at lahat po ay verified din hahaha. Hassle nga po e HAHHA

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