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11 months ago
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Here is my Amazon shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/itravelrox/

Finally, I just launched my Amazon shop as an affiliate through the Amazon Influencer program. That's why I was so busy these past few days updating my FB reels. I am getting serious as a Digital Content Creator. Haha! Oh well, make use of your social media having 1k to 2k followers on your FB profile and FB page.

I had some social media issues which I need to report for abuse and bullying. It is not the right time to talk about it but I am waiting for the results.

Product Curation

It's Christmas time! I curated some women's watches you can buy for your female friends, girlfriend, or wife... Watches are on sale for as low as $27. Can deliver to the Philippines.


Women's Watch by Anne Klein

Found a cheap deal for a women's watch. My husband asked me what I want for Christmas so I sent this link to his email address. Hahaha! Grab this chance now. Can deliver to France and the Philippines. :D


Skechers Shoes you gonna love

Skechers shoes are on sale. Head on to my shop to choose your new favorite Skechers shoes. Here's my favorite as I love the color. :D

There are so many products I need to add so I need to create more content. I need to check other social media influencers on how they make money on their Amazon storefront.

I am excited to receive gifts for Christmas and the ones I liked on Amazon. Hoping I will receive it before December 25 so that we have time to wrap it as a gift. Of course, I am excited to share some good deals on my Facebook profile and Facebook page. I've never been addicted to online shopping but now, I have the reason.

I will do a lot of curation. I have some items that I've received from my previous online shopping sprees. I just need to capture a photo or create a video about it like what other social media influencers are doing.

Head on to my shop and let me know what you think.


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11 months ago
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Does affiliate means like you are promoting the product? This is a nice way to earn! Galing :)

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11 months ago

yes, pwede sa fb page mo or website mo.

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11 months ago

Sis may article ka po paano ka nagsimula jan ??

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11 months ago

wala pa. mejo busy pa ngayon di pa makapagsulat.

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11 months ago

Ang gaganda nung mga products sis. Nakakaingganyo sana bumili. Ang problema, walang pambili. Hihi

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11 months ago

hehe o mganda ang products. husband ko mahilig mag online shopping.

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11 months ago