How To Use Dating Apps While Traveling?

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Using dating apps can have both positive and negative effects. But I will share with you some positive use of dating apps while traveling.

1. Enhancing your language skills

Met a Japanese guy as he was learning English in Cebu so we met up and have conversations in English. Same time, we were talking about my experience in Japan so it was easy to have something to talk to while you eat ramen and sushi in a Japanese restaurant. Also, I introduced him to some Filipino cuisines in a Filipino restaurant. Meeting someone for language exchange and food is the best topic to start a conversation with.

2. Meeting the locals in the area

While meeting the locals in the area is also great for enhancing your language skills, who knows, you can meet a local to show you around and vice versa. You can tell your match that you are just new in the area and you would like to visit some cool or off-the-beaten-path locations.

In Taiwan, I met a guy who was younger than me and showed me some places I’d never been to. We used a bike rental in Taipei to get around. At the next meet-up, we went around on his scooter to visit some temples.

On the other hand, I was able to show someone some places where I lived like some quick things to do in Cebu City.

3. Interacting with people with a common interest

Having some common interests is the best way to start talking on a dating app. How to spot some common interests? First, check out their profile photos. Second, read their biography, especially on what’s their expectation of meeting someone on a dating app.

In my profile, I posted a photo of me scuba diving. At that time, I wasn’t certified in scuba diving. The person I matched with is also into scuba diving. We started the conversation from there and he encouraged me to do the certification. After my open water certification, I was able to witness the thresher sharks.

4. The possibility of meeting your love abroad

Meeting your love abroad or while traveling is pure luck. I have my share of failures actually while using the dating app.

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Oh, I like the enhancing the language. I would probably meet him in a public place for a safety reason. Nice blog!

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yes public place :)

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I don't know if it's worth using.

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it's optional. not necessary. :)

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