I Deleted All my Dating Apps when I turned 30

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1 year ago

I have a confession. I admit that I’ve been using dating apps since I’ve been single back in 2013. Six years in a relationship with my first ex-boyfriend. We were both young but in the long run, I quit the relationship.

Started using dating apps in 2014 and met a nice guy on one of the dating apps. Now married with a kid and never heard of him again.

Also in that certain app, I met a guy who invited me to Palawan. It was after my surgery that I need to recover. I was careful of my health and I was thankful for that trip I was able to unwind.

There’s also another dating app that I’ve used for a long time and this one, it’s easy to meet people while traveling because of its location. You can easily meet when you are just one mile away.

Perhaps, you need to be careful in using dating apps and it all depends on your intentions and expectations. Are you looking for travel buddies? The love of your life? Or looking for both?

Ultimate Reason to Delete All Dating Apps Before I Turned 30

During the days we spent our time together, he was very clear about his intentions for me. Telling me it was love at first. Sounds too good to be true, eh? At that time, I was in a state of denial telling him it was too early to say that. I just got out of a vague relationship a month ago and it would be unfair for him if I jumped into another not-so-sure relationship.

He asked me again about my age since it would be my birthday in the next several days. What are my plans for the future?

While he was talking about our possible future, I was in fear and I had no idea what to say. The bad memory from the previous guy kept on haunting me. What if it will happen the same again?

I told him we should take things slow because I don’t want to be disappointed and have another heartbreak in just a short span of time.

A few days before I had to leave Phuket for Bangkok and do a border crossing to Cambodia, I asked him if we should delete all dating apps. I permanently deleted my account on dating apps.

And the ultimate reason to delete all dating apps?

I met someone. And that’s him.

Reflection on the ultimate reason to delete all dating apps

I’m giving myself a chance and meeting him would be my last straw. Telling myself that if this won’t work, it’s not really meant to be. That dating app really sucks and better to have a break from online dating.

To be honest, it felt so good when I was able to delete all dating apps. I was excited to turn 30 those next few days and see what was going to happen next. Optimistic that starting a year older in a clean slate. Accepting everything that if we fail, I wouldn’t use dating apps as I need a real break.

To be continued?

Right now, it’s better to have a low-key relationship as a long-distance relationship is not easy.

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1 year ago


Never a fan of dating apps pero I guess you found him na nga. That's good and goodluck! Basta never invalidate your intuition ha. ☺️

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1 year ago

ating apps and it all depends on your intentions and expectations. Are yo

sure po. :) Thanks.

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1 year ago

Hey itravelRox may you find the love you are searching for even if it means deleting all the dating apps! It was fun using those or any apps with play set up but still we can't know if people there are true. If it's meant to be, you will know. Good luck in meeting up with him.

Let us know the updates.

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1 year ago

hi po! this was a very old article 4 years ago. hehe! married na po ako which I met nga sa dating app. :)

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1 year ago

Galing naman kayo pala nagkatuluyan? One true love haha. Congrats.

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1 year ago