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How I come Up of a Topic is not as easy as 1,2,3

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2 months ago

I started in with zero knowledge in writing article. To be honest, I'm struggling on my first week here as I am not that good in writing in English and at the same time, it's just hard to think of a good topic that is better suited to the readers taste. I understand english yes, but when I'll write it in full as in straight English, that's where I'm a having a hard time. I don't know why I didn't listen to our teacher before when she was teaching us wholeheartedly, now I'm regretting it, lol. And if you're a long time follower of mine, then you'll see that the the article I publish before is either 1 minute reading time or 3.

However, in my 11 months stay here in, I also learn some new things that I can apply now on my own writings, thanks to those people who keeps on sharing about thier ways of Writing Article. And not just that, just by reading the article of my friends here gives me knowledge that I think I'm using now on my own article. Isn't it amazing how we all started here as nothing but along the way of our journey we will encounter people who will leave a scars on our heart that'll make us broken -- eherm. Sorry about that, I got lost on my own thought again eherm.

Alright, as I was saying. In all of those article that we have read, admit it you also learn something new like for example a new words that you haven't encounter before, but thanks to the writer of it we learn it, we got curious that's why we make a research to Mr. Google. Before, we don't have that much of knowledge when it comes to Cryptocurrency but as the days go by and the days that we spent here reading and interacting, we finally learn more about it. We fell inlove, we confess and we got rejected - oh shoot. I want this to be a serious kind of article, but imagination and daydreaming is really my worst frenemy.

But anyway, let's just get in to the main dish. The highlights, the heartbreaking and the most unforgettable moments where you just love someone but he doesn't know your worth now you're crying with so much pain in your heart errr -- this is not the main dish guys. I will just prepare it so hodl your breath. Presenting - Cuisine, A La Carte! Made with love and care for your exhausted heart - by yours truly - Sanji-kun! Seriously speaking, let's get this done first.

Parotchie's Way, My Way, Rain Rain Rain Go Away

1.) Browsing in Social Media

I'm not a social media addict but I like browsing on facebook because of the video clips that I find funny and can lighten up my mood. For example those vido clips that I miss on One Piece or Naruto. I will just search it there and then voila. You know guys, anime is not just for a kids. You can actually learn some from it. When I'm down and can't think of a topic and I want to laugh, that's the only way I have to do to regain my hype on thinking of a topic. Also, sometimes you can encounter a words in that video clips that even if it's just a simple words, you can actually make a whole article out of it. For example a simple words like Adventure. You can just share your Life Adventure or Travel Escape etc.

2.) Watching Whatever you Want

I love watching, Anime, KDrama, Movies or Porn or whatever as long as it's fit to my likings. I prefer to download those videos because I can watch it whenever I want, I have my own time yeah. Just like last time, I share here my article about For the Love of her Child. I get the idea of this because of the Korean Drama "Law School." I'm watching it but at the same time, I'm thinking of a topic that is connected into this Drama. Like in some part where I notice the odd character of this girl. And I learn the reason why and that's where I come up of a topic like "Bad Parenting." But I didn't use this one because as I've said, I can think of a topic but it can be change depends on how I want to deliver it. I revise it and just come up with the topic and that's were For the Love of her Child was born.

3.) Mood

Alright, I don't know if you can relate to this but when I'm sad as in really - like brokenhearted, feeling lost, in pain, awts, poot and in pighati - this is where some things will be clear to me and just like that I can come up with a sad story. Not as good as the others but I can still say that base on the comment I receive they liked it, and I'm happy with that. I don't know but it really depends on my mood. Here's the first one that I come up when I am still in a state of shock, lol - Heartbreak Anniversary. And I will just add that it was also inspired by a song. It's just that the Title is just fit to the flow of the story. Another one is this, I don't know I just want to hurt anyone so that I have a karamay, lol with my own pain - I'll Always Remember us This Way.

4.) Sound Tripping

Everyone love music, and I'm one of them. Yes I do the cooking, yes I do the cleaning - yes I do it while doing those. Music just bring the peacefulness that I want. Even if it's a rock music where a drums and electric guitar are playing, where there's a screaming. But when you feel and understand the lyrics - no it's not just a music coz it has a meaning. And I can actually get a topic out from it. I made some and it's just an interpretation but at least, I got a topic. Scattered Pieces of Who I Am, this one is base on the song of Red called Pieces. I have few of them but I will only share that and this -Welcome to my Life. See, because of music, my of music actually give me something aside from peace of mind and that is a Topic.

5.) Reading Article and short Post

As I stated in my latest artikol, I don't really join on prompts challenge because my mind is crazy and pabago bago ng isip. Like seriously, why in this kind of thing I can change my mind easily, but when it comes to liking you I just can't do it coz it's hard 😒, oh gosh her we go again! Anyway, sometimes we can really get an idea on to what we're reading here or even in Just like the other day when Carismatic publish her article about: Ano nga ba ang aking talento? Thanks to it I thought of a topic too that I publish 2 days ago: Ang Babae sa puting Karwahe. And then there is also this one time, maybe just last week Eybyoung post a question in, thanks to it I also thought of a topic out of it: Immortality?? Can I eat that?


I still can't believe that I can come up of a topic for my article guys. I feel like it's just yesterday when I first sign up here and now, oh jeez I am being sentimental here again. Anyway how about you? Can you easily produce a good content for your article or just like me - you're also exploring any page or any app that you can explore just to come up with a good and likeable topic? Eh?

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Written by   946
2 months ago
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