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Monday Ramblings

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1 month ago

Monday. Not much today. I woke up at 6 to start the day early and get some responsibilities done (picking up my daughter's school learning modules this week). This is my daughter's second year of doing blended learning classes (a mix of modules and online classes).

Tick tock tick tock. My alarm woke me up. I snoozed for 10 mins. Furthermore, I did it for another 10 mins. After 10 minutes, I decided to finally get up. I spent my first 5 minutes unobtrusively - expressing appreciation to God Almighty for one more day of existence.

Morning person. Night owl. It doesn't matter. Beginning the day at the perfect opportunity will consistently cause me to feel new and glad. These days, people decide to keep awake until the morning (myself included) as opposed to getting up in the first part of the day. Which is really not actually expected to occur. That's why people are no longer early birds due to their absence of rest.

Getting up early is the most ideal approach to begin the day right. Since it truly is the start of one more day. Well, if you will awaken around early afternoon, the day has as of now began, you'll wind up keeping awake until the morning once more. So it is truly significant for people to get sufficient rest so they could begin their day right. Nore to self.

So I finally got up. Went to the kitchen and warmth some water for a cup of coffee. Watched the news for several minutes. Took a shower and was prepared for the day.

Fifteen minutes before eight and I was outside our home waiting for a trike ride going to my daughter's school. The day was excellent, radiant, and splendid. While pausing, I saw a few critters outside the house and they were singing. I love paying attention to the critters and birds awaken early in the day. The obscured farmland, gradually lighting up, as the larks begin singing their tunes. Dazzling.

At school, I was the second person (parent) who presented my daughter's last week's modules. I was thinking I was fortunate and prepared to get more things done, and afterward, my daughter's teacher told me that I missed a page of one subject. Damn. That implies I need to return home. I live in another town, so I must choose the option to do what the teacher advised me. Fast forward, I did it and was able to pass the missing page of the module. My golly. I just wasted an hour of my day though. Sigh!

At the point when I got back home, I prepared lunch real quick, ate, and rest for a couple of moments. I rested on the couch, turned the television on, and just to realized, I have fallen asleep. I must be oh so tired very early on Monday lol. Additionally, I just had 4 hours of rest/sleep the last night.

Anyway, I am here now, just woke up from a nap an hour prior.

It's Monday once more. I truly need to address an administrator regarding how quickly the ends of the week vanish. Is there a manager out there I could talk to? lol. A brand new week, my friends. Ahhhh, brand new challenges. New opportunities to giggle. New freedoms to be benevolent and benefit a few. New examples to be learned. New strides to take towards our objectives. How about we get at it. Which I will do, after more cups of joe.

Good afternoon, amazing friends. It's almost dinner time, so let me go cook real fast and be back again in a few. Have a wicked great start of the week to you all, beautiful souls.

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September 13, 2021

05: 20 pm


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Written by   484
1 month ago
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