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It's been a year since a took the course PetE 413 or the thesis 1. This subject is not easy to finish, this subject requires a deep research about your topic. This course is by group, it is really hard to make a prototype or an experiment alone. After the groupings, each member were tasked to have a topic an be approved by our professor. Then as a group we chose one topic to prioritize and to be pursue.

We chose the design and development one since it was the most easiest among the topics that were approved by our professor. We struggle a lot since we're still took other subjects aside from thesis. So our grade became INC since we didn't made to defense before the semester ends. It is also pandemic so it is really hard to approach our thesis adviser. He replies after a week or even months, that's why our group was late to defend.

Still glad that we made it to the next and last chapters of thesis, which is the chapters 4 and 5. This will be hard since we need to fabricate a machine that converts an oil to biodiesel. Hopefully we can made it on time.

I think this will be for now guys. I am back, again. I hope you still remember me. Thanks guys.

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