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Hello, Hello, Hello, Read dot Cash People!!

So, in this article I just want share the things I did today hehe. I will also share some insert photos earlier for you to not get bored lol.

Anyways, one of our dog which is, Maki celebrating his birthday today! Here's one of his cute photo, feel free to greet him a Happy Birthday!🥳

Then, we went to a photo studio because my sister will get a 2 by 2 pictures for her training at work. I only accompanied her and after that, we go to a grocery store to buy some toiletries.

My sisters and I shared an amount of money to buy 1 sack of dog food for our doggos. They don't have dogfood for a few weeks now but we feed them rice and human foods.

I was so lazy to study for civil service and do our weekly journal haha. Also, I am too lazy to work tommorow because of the transport strike lol.

That would be all thanks for reading this boring article haha.

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:March 5, 2023

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Happy Birthday to Maki 😍 You're such a cute little dog 😍

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