Love Month: This or That

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3 months ago

The of February is the fastest month for me because it only have 28 to 29 days. I've been busy in my internship because our work started from 9 am up to 6 pm and I am also traveling everyday.

Anyways, for this article I would like share my answer on "This or That" content of @Coolmidwestguy. I saved his article two days ago and I will just try it now haha. Just sharing, I haven't been in a relationship since birth but I do know what love is lol.

So, let's get started!

Chocolates or Flowers

I want to received it both but I prefer practicality haha, so I will choose chocolates lol. I am not into sweets but with a few exceptions haha. There are chocolates that I like which are not too sweet for me, like cadburry, toblerone, kitkat hehe and they are even better they cold.

Red or Pink

I will go pink, I don't know, I like a lighter color and it seems pure and bright lol. For me, pink symolizes a clear intention and innocent love.

Stay Home or Dine Out

I will choose stay at home, and just have a simple dinner. It is a plus points to me if my man knows how to cook or will be the who will prepare our meal. I don't know, it just ao cute that he serves you like a queen and as they say "to win a man's heart is through his stomach" or vice versa lol.

That would be all! Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for doing this Joyce. I like your answers:) A good cook has many lovers, haha.

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