Yesterday: Reviewing Day for Civil Service Exam

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Hello Read dot Cash Community!

Before I start this article, I want to thanked @AnonSunamun for generosity and continue pouring his blessings! May God guide and bless you always!

Today, I would like to share my thoughts about the upcoming Civil Service Exam. I am already nervous even though I just started reviewing lol.


According to Google, the Civil Service Exam (CSE), also known as the Career Service Examination, is conducted twice a year by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to figure out whether or not an applicant is eligible to work in the government.

Anyways here the happenings when I decided to make a review Yesterday.

During the morning, the first thing I did was to play with our dogs, prepare and eat our Brunch (Breakfast and Lunch). We had fried fish, buro (fermented rice), and boiled vegetables. I was so satisfied and tried to fall asleep but I can't because our cat is still "in heat" and keeps making unnecessary noises.

I started to watched videos from Team Lyca's channel. She is a vlogger wherein she made educational videos and sharing her knowledge, and experience about CSE. Her video are very helpful and easy to understand as she also share tricks and tips. I seems that she knows what she was talking and asks her viewers if she did something wrong. It was recommended by my sister as used Team Lyca's videos to reviewed. She already took CSE and passed!

This was my handwriting as I am trying to solved the math problem lol. She gave 3 options on how to solved it seems easy it was not haha.

That would be all for my first experience for CSE. Thanks for reading and God bless us all!

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:February 20, 2023

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