My Interupted Sleep!

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3 months ago

Hello Read dot Cash Community!

While I was writing this, the time was exactly 6:10 am (PH). This was the third time to woke up because I can't sleep. The first one was at 1 am then the second was at 4 am.

I don't know why I can't sleep, maybe because my body clock is too early. I always wake up early because I have my internship and I am the one who prepare my packed lunch and breakfast.

Another reason was our cat os being noisy this week because she was in heat. She keeps "meowing" all night, calling for another cat. We put her in a cage because we haven't bring her to vet to be spay yet. But, put her leash and bring her outside of her cage. Our dogs also might kill her as they are sometimes wild whenever they saw cats.

Then, I just decided to make a cup of coffee as I will do have things to do regarding to our journal in our OJT subject.

So, good bye for now and see you late!

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:February 18, 2023

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3 months ago


Your body clock is early, mine was too late. Hahah good luck with your journey as a student. Have time to nap whenever possible.

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3 months ago