Just a Normal Day as an Intern

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3 months ago

Today is a normal day for me as an intern. I woke up early at 5:30 am then I prepare our family's breakfast and my packed lunch. I just reheated our food last night and cooked rice.

After that, I took a bath, prepare our doggos foods and iron my pants that I wear today lol. It takes me hours to dress and fixed my hair so my face looks clean.

Then, I travelled for an hour before I arrived in the company. We don't do much for a few minutes because the manager wasn't there yet but when she came in, she gave us the PowerPoint presentation to study. It is the ppt for their virtual orientation that they will conduct tomorrow.

Also, she asked us to study it well because she will choose one representative among us who will accompanied and help her in discussing the ppt. The ppt contains a lot of information about the company such like incentives and benefits that the employees can get if they reached their quota.

I learned a lot about their company's background by just reading their presentation. But, I was also nervous because she told us that we will present it to them before she will discuss it on their new recruit employees.

That would be all! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next article!

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:February 13, 2023

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