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My article for today will talked about politics and my stand for the right people for the Philippines. I know the election was ended a few months ago but I just want to celebrate the day where the pink campaign started. It was a campaign to support the one and only woman who run on the election and the former Vice President of the Philippines, Leni Robredo.

Many people voice out their support including seniors, youth, and other generations. I also one of those who supported her and until now, my support is on her because I do believe that there is still hope for this country. One day, people wake up to the reality and choose the best for the future of the Philippines.

Anyways, I would to share my experience on the campaign because it's been a year since it happened.

It was my first time to attend a rally for a politician. I am registered voter since 2019 and I voted for senatorial during that year. Then I voted my first presidential bet last year. It was a sureal experience for me.

The tiredness can't be felt when you where in the crowd because you know what you're standing in the truth.

I am part of those thousands of people who dreamed for a change, hoping to have to a better Philippines, and fought for the country and dealt with misinformation. I will be forever grateful to be part of this fight.

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:February 9, 2023

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