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Hello Read Cash Community!

I didn't get a chance to published an article everyday like I used to do before because just like I said, I've been busy in my internship. Aside from that, I'm still finding another side hustles to try. I also joining in any give aways on Twitter and downloaded an applications to earn a little.

I am financially unstable but I don't want to asked money from my parents because I know they are struggling too. I don't like to be burden and I understand our situation.

For now, I am looking for a sideline where I can earn even a centavo. It's being silent here in Read Cash but I want to continue my journey here as I started here.

Another, (just sharing) there are two person who direct message me in Twitter and telling me that I won in their random raffle. I tried to login and I saw an exact amount but I can't withdraw it as I need to deposit 0.2 BTC. Did any of you know about this Coinsxwave? Comment your thoughts about it. I don't know if it is a scam or just a new platform😅.

Anyways, I also want to share the earning sites and apps that I've been using. Here are they;


I just saw it on Twitter while I was joining in give aways. I tried it and I already gained 4,500 Sats. The minimum withdrawal is 10,000 Sats, so I am still far away but I want to keep going hehe.

If you are interested you can use my invitation code here.


I forgot where I knew about this platform but I am still new in using it. You can gained points by just answering surveys and it does not have available survey always. Patience is the key to accumulate point in here haha.

Crypto Rewards

In this earning site, you can also answer surveys download and play games in the featured offers. For me, I prefer to answer surveys to be not hassle free in installing or downloading the apps.

You can signed up here if you are interested to earn crypto rewards!


That would be all! Thanks for reading and if you have other suggestions regarding to earning applications or sites to try, just comment it down below, I appreciate it a lot!

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:February 12, 2023

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Being financially independent is great specially these days. Money is crucial even for our day to day needs.

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