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Who is Carisdaneym?

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3 months ago

Currently breathing for two decades and studying Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management and when I started on this platform, I market myself. I make my own branding that I can stand out. I think of so many things where and what are the things that made me who I am today and in the end, I just expressed who really I am coz I really don't know where am I good at.

Fun fact: Carisdaneym simply because Car is the name. My family and friends calling me car because that is my nickname haha, I don't know who called me caris and cari here before but since I find it cute, I decided to use it as my nickname on this platform.

I've been here for a long time yet I never introduce myself in a proper way like most of you already know that I am cute but do you really think that I am?

There are many reasons why they are calling me cute:

  1. Because they really think that I am cute and my age doesn't suit my face like they think I am just a 12-year-old kid.

  2. Well, I am cute literally because my height is just about 154 centimeters?

  3. I have this bubbly side that I don't know, they just said it to me lol.

  4. Wearing makeup happens once in a blue moon.

  5. I'm not used to wearing "daring outfits" and I prefer oversized shirts but I love shorts and plain shirts. (yung t-shirt lalamunin ako hanggang tuhod haha)

  6. I hate pink and I love sky blue and purple the most.

Those answers above came from some users who I asked why they are calling me cute and if you want to add more, just leave a comment below and let me know whyyyy.

Saranghae iyan?

Oh well, I did publish one article that can describe me in Tagalog version which is Ako ay natatanging ako lamang, and one article when I disconnected myself in an online world which is A day without you where I share some of the silly things that I did.

What are the things that I enjoy?

Listening to music.

My day won't be complete without music, the melody that can be with me when the songs are playing and it really comforts me when I feel sad or happy. Of course, I can sing but no thanks. I tried singing in the karaoke once and I never tried it again, I can sing loudly tho without a mic hahahaha.

(Btw, you can play this milk tea song if you enjoy music while reading🤣😂) I find it absurd but lemme insert it for now.


I love journalizing my thoughts, unorganized journals to be exact. Making planners and to-do lists to make myself productive but now I am too lazy for that. so not gonna say a lot here haha.

( I am too shy to share the picture since like what I said, It is unorganized but gomeeeen🤧)

Hi laurenceuuu 😆 🙃

Paper crafting

I already said it before when I was bored and making paper flowers helps me to release my stress and I do enjoy this one. Whenever I have some time to go and buy stationery and if it is budget-friendly, no more second thought, punch this one for me, please.

I think I made it just for fun since no one appreciate myself except me🙃
I just snatched the ribbon😂


I started to enjoy reading when I was on a grade one, for me to be able to accept as a grade one student since I didn't have a chance to study kindergarten lol, I jumped at grade one already so my exam is to read the book. Luckily, my parents taught me how to write and read before I enrolled in school. I hate listening to my teacher and I prefer reading tales in the backseat. I always hide there and even at snack and lunchtime, I was there reading not minding my classmates playing outside. Now, I am reading some short stories and novels written by Local authors like Jonaxx, Maxinejiji, Akned Mars, VentreCanard and foreign authors like Agatha Cristie, Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks and many underrated authors out there like here on

I was looking for a book and it wasn't here lol so I just re-read the HIH earlier😂. And I borrowed the book by Nicholas from my friend maryground.

Writing nonsense and writing poems

This is actually my sweetest escape to the world. As a lowkey student, I never tried joining in any essay contest even if I wanted to do so. But writing is one of my favorites. I remember one time, I was so mad at someone and I don't know how to let out my anger, what I did is I get my pen and I wrote what I wanted to shout in front of her face. My parents taught us not to say bad words until now so saying F** and P*enamel is a sin and I felt guilty for a week when I said it. We aren't allowed to say any kind of profanity. But for me, being bitchy I used some hacks on how to say it like "what a packing tape are you?" "Spreadsheeting at its finest huh" "suddenly, your brain went out for a vacation" and many more like "TANG inumin mo hehe" I heard one of the kids saying this one and I find it so wit hahahahaha and lol I even wrote an 80 pages story in my spiral notebook just for my crush. So now, I stopped writing in my diary when my brother read my confession about my crushes at school and how they turned out into ashes because I burned it all. I mostly wrote sad poems because my mind is getting wild in imagination if the situation can trigger my emotion. I enjoy writing here and make it my online diary and for me to improve my writing skills, I must read and read and read a lot then apply :)

Here are some of the stories and Poems that I write

Hi rusty!


Being independent at a young age, my parents also taught us how to cook for ourselves so whenever they are having some errands we can take care of ourselves. I learned how to cook rice when I was five years old and I learned how to cook simple dishes like adobo, sinigang, menudo, pinaksiw, pinakbet, nilaga, fried when I was nine years old. Cooking is what I really love. When I was in Grade 9-10, I chose cookery in our subject TLE or Technology and Livelihood Education, So I managed to learn how to make Leche flan, Maja blanca, jelatin, canape, fruit salad, burgers and many more kind of deserts and side dishes. But now, I am a certified dishwasher in our house :) lol, but I wanted to practice baking a cake now since my sister has a microwave oven on their house lelele. Btw, you can also invite me to cook for your birthday coz I can cook pansit, sopas, spaghetti, shanghai, ah name it girl haha.

I can't find a time to take a picture if I am cooking but this one is just mixing all the ingredients and that's it lol, the fruits are just satisfying to see and the nata de coco too so I took a quick photo.
  • Self-proclaimed photographer

So this is the latest emerut that I am doing, because of the pandemic It guided me to enter the world of sky and flower photography. Being in love with nature made me do it. Btw here are some of my shots.

One of the fave💜🌼
My gallery

> Shots and shouts

> Finding my ataraxia

> Wanderer's Soul

If you will notice, I can enjoy my day by myself and I do lots of indoor activities, I hate Physical activities too. Sports like volleyball, basketball, ughh I just don't wanna play but I can be your cheerleader *wink, wink* The introverted me that becomes ambivert now (I guess so)

So this is getting longer again and I don't wanna bore you that long so I will end here even though I wanted to tell more but I think it's enough info I guess.🤣

Author's Note:

Hi! Thank you for reading, I actually don't know if this is necessary to share but I did it anyway.

Just in case you want me to be part of your journey too you can always find me at:

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Written by   472
3 months ago
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