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I will come up with some very nice phone cameras and photography tips. I know many of you are waiting for this article of mine. That's how you can do very good photography with a phone. Because I know you all loved my phone camera photography. And you used to treat how you did so much beautiful photography with your phone camera?

Many people wanted different tips about this so I will give you some ideas about photography for the purpose and all those who want to do photography with phone camera. I hope you find it useful.

In fact, I am sharing these photography tips with you because I want you to do very good photography. It is also possible to do good photography from the phone. And if you have a lot of skill in photography, then you are much better Photographer in the future.

Honestly I love to do photography. And I try to present photography among you all the time. Of course, good photography I want to present through you. I learned photography long ago I don't know if I can do it properly but the way you encourage me I think I can do photography well.

So, I will present to you now the tips on how I do photography. I hope you will read it carefully. Because only for your request, I will present these tips to you. This is definitely not a big tip but I will try your best and you will learn and understand a lot. And learn a lot about photography. Those who definitely want to do photography from the phone.

Let's do the phone camera photography tips for you :

First let's talk about the phone camera:

  • First of all you must buy a good phone so that the camera of your phone is of good quality. Because if you want to do a good photography, you must have good camera quality.

  • Of course you should take care of the phone camera and keep it clean and tidy. Because if your phone camera is not clean then good photography will not come.

  • And try to buy a phone camera that has a good zoom level. Because zooming photography is very difficult. So the zoom camera has to be good.

  • Yes, you must have a clean cloth or tissue with you when you go to do some photography. Because before doing photography, you must clean the camera of the phone.

  • You can put thin glass on your phone camera so that no stains will fall on the camera in future. And good photography and clear photo come all the time.

How To Hold a Phone For Photography:

The most important thing for photography is to hold the phone properly. The person holding the phone is the hand of the person who acts as the head for him. Hands play a very important role in all tasks and in good photography. But let's learn some tips where the hand can be applied.

  • First you have to hold the phone very gently with both hands. And you have to focus on where you want to do photography.

  • If you want to do photography by hand with a phone camera, you must be skilled. There are many people who shake hands when it comes to photography. They will have to try a lot, but one day they will be able to.

  • If you want to do phone camera photography, you must do it from different angles. Because the smoother you can move your hand, the better you can do photography.

  • You can hold the phone in different ways for photography with the phone camera. Which seems to be your advantage.

  • Of course, if you don't put your finger on the phone camera or near the phone camera, then your photography can be ruined. Photograph very carefully and hold the phone very gently.

Some tips of phone camera setting:

If you want to do photography with a good phone camera, you must have a good camera setting. Many people avoid camera settings because they think it's a hassle. But the good quality camera of your smartphone no longer depends on its setting. You don't even know how good the camera setting is on your phone. Through which you can do very good photography. Here are some tips:

  • You will go to your phone's camera settings and see that there are different types of colors. There is an option "saturation". If you go to that option and click, any natural photography will be very colorful.

  • Then you can go to your phone camera settings and check more You My Phone Camera Picture Quality. You must give high quality.

  • Then you will see that your camera setting has focus mode. Go to the focus mode option and autofocus. Then the focus mood of your phone camera will be better and it will take automatic.

  • When you take pictures at night, you will see that your camera option has a night mood. You can definitely take any picture at night by clicking on Night Mode. I hope you can take very good pictures. And the pictures will come out very clear.

  • When you expose your camera to a subtle or small thing, you must present your phone camera correctly with a focus on that subtle thing. Then place the phone camera correctly on that delicate thing and just make a small click with your finger on that delicate thing on your phone screen. Then your subtle thing will come clear.

  • You can zoom well and do photography by turning on the phone settings option.

  • When you do photography at night, turn on the flash light, click once, then decide exactly what photography you want to do.Then you can do photography properly by clicking once again very easily.

  • You can take a photo with your sound button by going to the camera option. You can of course keep this option on if you feel comfortable.

Different types of camera tips:

I now present to you different types of camera tips. Whether you all know it or not, find out those of you who are buying smartphones nowadays and buying good quality camera phones. Google is making very beautiful cameras for them and for their phones. That camera name is "Google Camera". And I also use these two cameras. Very nice color comes from Google Camera. And I also find it comfortable to do photography. And it's a lot of fun to take pictures at night with Google Camera. Photography at night is very easy and good photography can be done with Google Camera. I will give some tips about Google Camera now.

  • Google Camera is a camera that is being made for each of your smartphones. Those of you who don't know, must search your phone model on YouTube. As I searched Redmi Note 7 Pro Google Camera. Just like that.

  • If you have Google Camera for your smartphone on YouTube, they will definitely share a link for you to download the camera.

  • You must go to the link to download and install the camera and you will see that your phone has two cameras. One stock camera is another Google camera.

When will you use Google Camera?

  • When If you want to do good and colorful photography, you must use Google Camera.

  • When you want to do photography at night, you must see that there is an "Astrography Mood" option in Google Camera Settings. You can turn it on and do night photography. Can do a lot of good photography.

  • When you do a landscape photography, you can open Simple Night mode and do a very good color photography.

Google Camera has a much better setting that you must learn to use. However, those who have not made a Google camera for your phone will not be upset.They try it with a stock camera, I hope they can do good photography.

Google Camera link:

Those of you who have a smartphone and have a good quality camera phone. They must go to this link and see that there are different types of Google cameras. You can download and install from here if you want.

But I suggest life to those: Redmi 7 / Redmi Note 7 / Redmi Note 7 pro / Redmi 9/ Redmi Note 9 / Redmi Note 9 pro / Redmi s7

These Google cameras will be a very good setup for phones of this brand or this model.

I am sharing the link below:

What kind of photography should be done at any time:

We all know that photography cannot always be done at all moments. So of course our photography has been divided into some sectors. Everyone who does photography has a good idea about this. And I will present to you the way I do photography and the moments I do photography.

  • When you do morning photography, of course, you can do morning photography when the sun rises and shines all around. This is the perfect time.

  • You can do a lot of sky photography. The perfect time to do Sky Photography is a little before noon. Because just before noon, the sky is covered with blue and white clouds. Yes, but if the sky is covered with clouds, then photography is difficult.

  • When you do sky photography in the afternoon, the sky color is so different that it feels great to do photography. And photography can be done very well. That means a perfect time to do sky photography in the afternoon.

  • And the funniest thing is that the moment to do sunset photography before evening is actually great. You can definitely do sunset photography before evening using your smartphone camera. But yes, you have to do the photography from a very good location. Then you can do beautiful photography.

  • When you want to photograph a landscape like flowers, fruits, insects, etc. You must hold the camera properly and the place must be illuminated.

Camera stand:

If you want to do good photography, you must use the camera stand. Because the phone is always moving when you do photography with your hands. So you can definitely use the camera stand. If you use the camera stand, you can easily do the photography. And you can complete the photography in different moods.

However, if you think it is costly to buy a camera stand. Then I will definitely give you some solutions. For those of you who are not willing to buy a camera stand, I have come up with a very good solution. You can of course make camera stands at home. I must have been watching the video from YouTube of making a phone camera stand. I hope to present that YouTube video to you and you will watch. I hope you can easily make a camera stand at home.

YouTube video link to create a camera stand at home:

I watched this video and made it myself. I hope you like the video too and of course you can easily make a camera stand by watching this video.

My experience in photography:

I bought a smart phone when I was in class ten. The name of the phone is Samsung phone. Since then I have loved to do photography. That's why I would turn on my phone's camera whenever I saw this natural scene. Ever since then I have always tried to do some good photography. But slowly my phone started working slowly and the camera and good photography didn't come.

That's when I quit photography. And the biggest thing is that there was no one to look at my photographs. So I quit photography. Meanwhile, I did not have the money to buy a digital DSLR. After a long time I bought a new phone. I picked up the phone from India. The phone became my favorite when I first saw it on YouTube. Because I was always trying to do some good photography, so at first I was looking at what the phone's camera would look like. However, the camera of the phone I was taking was actually of very good quality.

The name of the phone I bought from India is "Redmi Note 7 Pro". I can do very good photography with the camera of this phone. I would suggest to all of you if you want to do phone de photography then buy this brand of phone. I hope you can do good photography.

When I started doing photography with this phone, there was no one to watch my photography. There was no medium through which I could advance my photography skills. There was no medium through which I could get appreciation for my photography.

But at one point God showed the way to this @Read.Cash site. I started to present my photography skills on this site. At first I didn't get much response. But at one time my photography was liked by many of my friends and many members of this site and they looked at my every photography attentively. And they love my natural photography the most and they are always waiting for my new photography. Honestly I got a lot from this site. I got my skills and I got the result of my hard work. You know everything is going well with this site.

And your motivation is the most important thing to motivate my work. First of all I want to say who is Sir, @Telesfor . He has always liked my photography. He always liked my work and would give me suggestions if I was wrong. Sir, @Telesfor is a very good photographer. He presented some photography a long time ago. It was an empty, lonely walking path. I was really fascinated by those photographs. Your suggestions are more important to me to improve my work skills.

I would like to thank you more, sir. @ErdoganTalk sir, @Omar You have enriched my experience in many ways. And encouraged me to work. I am really grateful to you. You are my main way of working on this site and doing new photography.Thank you very much sir.

And I thank you very much, Sir, @MarcDeMesel . You are a very important person on this site. I always try to follow your Twitter, Instagram and all the information. And I really respect your every important work. You are very important to me in encouraging me to work. Thank you very much sir @MarcDeMesel ..

I told you these words and some of my photography experience. This is also a tip for you because you must be a good photographer. I shared it with you a little from my life experience.

You too can try to be a very good photographer. It was some of the tips in my life. I hope you all try to do good photography.

I will present to you some beautiful photography links that I did with my phone camera:

I am presenting these photography links for your purpose so that you can see my photography. Hope to gain some experience on how to do photography. So I will present the photography links for you so that you can see the photographs and try to do photography in exactly the same way as you. I hope you can do very good photography.

Of course I am presenting to you some good photography links which I did with my phone camera. I hope everyone will see my photography. And hopefully gain a lot of ideas and experiences about photography.


I have presented to you the links of my phone camera photography. There are different types of photography in this link which are taken at different times. You must see these photographs. I hope you can enhance your experience of doing many types of photography by looking at these my photographs.

I am only for your purpose those who are willing to do phone camera photography and those who requested me that please share some tips to do photography. They will definitely read this article of mine. I hope I can present everything to you and your mind.

Many thanks to everyone.

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