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Driving on the main road

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1 month ago
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In my last article, I shared my experience in sitting on the driver's seat for the very first time. I shared how nervous I felt but I also felt happy with my progress.

Yesterday, I actually forgot to review on the skills that I needed to improve because I was busy reading webtoons. I totally forgot that today is my last PDC session.

Thankfully, my father reminded me last night so I was able to sleep at 11PM and I woke up at 6AM.

I did my usual preparation for the morning. I made sure to bring my student permit since I can not drive without it.

Basics Refresher

We once again started on the quiet secondary road where we had our last session. The instructor asked me to move forward and in reverse, slowly and with gas.

Then after that, I was asked to do a u-turn. Once the instructor was sure that I remember the basics, he instructed me where to go.

And lo and behold he was taking me to a main road. I was so unprepared that I almost burst in tears.

I panicked, I am not going to lie. At that first round on the main road, my instructor was the one who mainly moved the steering wheel because I was frantically trying to remember the lessons I suddenly forgot.

I was embarassed about it but I just accepted that as part of being a new driver.

My instructor told me the mistakes he noticed and how to rectify it. Then we took a short break.

While taking a break, another student driver from the same driving school passed us by. He told me not to envy that student driver since she was driving an automatic car so she is in under less pressure than I was. Hearing that, made me determine to do well in driving.

Refresher 2.0

After that surprise drive on the main road, I was in for another lesson time. I listened closely to the instructor.

He told me that I should be fast when steering, and only slow down when I am making sure that the wheels are going in a straight direction. He also told me to watch my hands when I am changing gears. Since I am taking my right hand away from the steering wheel, I needed to ensure that my left hand is firm and steady because otherwise the car would move to the left.

And then, once I am done he told me we will once again go back to the main road so that I can enjoy being in the driver's seat.

On to the main road

At first, I had a hard time blending into the ongoing traffic but after a while I was able to do it.

Then we went around the city hall. I do not remember the exact route that we drove to but I know we drove by Robinsons Pioneer. Then we got to some road in Pasay where I got to practice my hanging skills.

Also known as keep my foot on the brake until the traffic moves. I know I could hve used the handbrake for that but the instructor wanted me to use the brake pedal so that I could get used to feeling it.

After that, we got around to a familiar road. Then I recognized that managed to go to the driving school again.

I parked the car outside the driving school, and enter the building on foot. I logged out in the attendance sheet.

The owner was surprised to see me. I have 4 hours to finish the session but we got back at 3 hours.

It was already discussed in TDC that the PDC sessions may last 3hours to 3 and half hours depending on the student driver.

The owner told me I was a fast learner since she saw some student drivers who still could not drive around the main road despite being given free additional practical driving hours. She mentioned that they refused to give a PDC certificate for cases like that.

She told me that I could get my PDC certificate on Sunday after lunch time so that the driving instructors are there.

The instructor and owner also told me some interesting things about getting a non professional driver's license but I will not be sharing it here for confidentiality purposes.

My thoughts

It took me a few hours for the fact to sink in that I managed to drive a manual car around the main road. Sure I still have a lot of room for improvement but I feel proud of my progress.

I feel quite happy when I think about how when August started, I literally had no idea how to drive. But now I have an 8 hours driving experience.

Next goal is to get my non-professional driver's license. But that will have to wait.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   355
1 month ago
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Buti ate fast learner ka sa ganyan haha. To be honest, gusto ko rin magdrive ng car haha. May motor ako rito kaso hindi naman ako interested magdrive since natatakot ako sa mga car accidents eh may pagkalampa rin ako haha

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Oo mahirap magdrive motor delikado. Kaya ayaw rin akong turuan ni papa magmotor. Kotse na lang para may airbag chz HAHA

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Sana katulad sayo sis. Unti unti ng marunong sa pagmamaneha. Gusto ko din matuto. Cguro in a right time kasi ngayon dami pa inaasikaso.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Aweee. Let's go Zehra! Baby steps.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Ako sis sa motor, sumemplang ako sa motor 🤣 di ko keri magmaneho 🤣

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Hala ingat ka sis HAHA pero kaya kotse inaral ko dahil for sure semplang din ako sa motor dahil di ako magaling magbike HAHA

$ 0.00
1 month ago