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A Fantasy That Turns Into Reality

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2 months ago

July 15, 2021

The sun was so high and boredom invaded my room. Who won't gonna be bored being alone at home? People packed their things and set off for a sail, sail to the nearby small pretty city of Macau. I wished to visit that place too, 12 days in solitary would be so dreary and tedious. Then I remembered my diary and started writing down my daily thoughts and experiences. Unfortunately, there were only a few blank pages left but I needed more.

With that thought, I went down to buy a notebook at the bookstore located down the small alley. The store has been my favorite place to shop for school-related stuff and stationaries for my craftings and DIYs. From the distance, I saw an old woman selling old garments and other stuff on the street just next to the bookstore. In my entire stay here in Hong Kong and passing on that certain street multiple times, I never saw an old woman selling stuff on that street.

A curious cat I was, so I checked the bargained stuff to see what I can pull from them and as a small help to the poor old woman as well. I have loved bargained stuff ever since, as they have a very affordable fair price and sometimes, some stuff is still unscathed and intact. My eyes got hooked by a black small book with the name Diary on it.

I was curious and thinking "why would she sell a Diary? To share her stories? Unless it's pristine." It looks old though, but it's cool and has a lock and I thought that my life stories would be secure if I write them down in this Diary book. I picked it up and tried to open the lock, and surprisingly it was unlocked. All the pages were still blank and unused, except for some discolored pages due to being kept for a long time.

The old woman looked at me and said,

"You lucky cheche, other no open." The old woman was trying to speak in English to deliver what she wants to say. What she meant was, I was lucky to be able to open the lock and no one did it but only me.

"Auntie, Kei chin ah? (Auntie, how much?)" I said while pulling out some coins from my wallet.

"No, no, free for you." I was surprised to hear it but I insisted to pay as my small help to her. She looked poor and old but still working. Living in a luxurious country isn't easy, the poor will die, and the rich will live longer.

I step back to leave the place but she spoke something which I did not comprehend.

"Fais attention à ce que tu souhaiter." She said with a serious expression. Her looks sent shivers down my spine and I knew that the words she has spoken aren't Chinese. But I didn't mind her and I left the place. Someone grabbed my arm and said, "do not use it," while looking at the diary, then immediately stormed out.

My mind said, "Wth, is she crazy?"

I head back home and started writing down my thoughts in my new diary. The long vacation would also be great to write a story so I drafted Tagalog series of stories on readcash.

12 Days With Him: Bella

12DWH: Aksidente

12DWH: Hawak-Kamay

12DWH: Harana

12DWH: I'll Be Your Sunset If You'll Be My Silhouette

12DWH: Let's Enjoy The Remaining Days Together

12DWH: Sa Kaarawan

Done publishing them all.

"Wooh. That was quite long." Then I turned off my phone and continued updating my diary.

After writing, I closed my diary with my palm on top. I thought of my series of stories and I wished to meet John too.

"I wish John is real." And I drifted to sleep.

The next day...

I woke up as the sun rays hit my face and I checked my phone and it was almost noon. My tummy gurgled and time to get up and eat my brunch (breakfast + lunch). Someone entered the room with a tray of food in his hands. A masculine good looking man that can only be seen in fiction movies.

"F*CK. Who the hell are you?" I shouted at him while jumping out of my bed.

"What are you talking about? Sit down and eat your brunch, Bella." The man said.

"Bella?" Then a dog entered the room.

"And this must be Rusty?" I asked the man.

"Of course, what is wrong with you? Are you sick?" The man asked.

"By any chance, are you John?" I asked the man.

"Common' Bella, what is happening to you?" He answered and was about to touch me when I swayed my arm.

"Wait. I need to go to the toilet." I told him.

I ran to the toilet and washed my face, slapped it as I thought it's just a dream. But nothing happened, everything seemed real. When I touched my face, I saw a ring on my finger. The ring that John gave me in my story and another ring, our wedding ring. Everything became so complicated and tough to fathom. I contemplated what had happened the last night but I only remembered publishing Tagalog series of stories and updating my diary. Then, something comes to my mind, the wish I told myself before I dozed off to sleep.

"The diary" I clamored and John heard it. He knocked on the door and asked if I was fine. I just told him that I was fine and hurriedly ran out and looked for the diary. John was discombobulated by my pace and a worried look was painted on his face.

I opened the diary and saw the first page has already words that were difficult to decipher. I swear I left it blank but alien words were printed out of the blue. I tried to read them, but they were so difficult to discern.

I was like a primary one student reading the words, "à...ce..q...que...tu....sou..hai...."

"Fais attention à ce que tu souhaiter," said John. Yes, he knows French, as he is from Canada and studied in a French school. That's how I made him.

"The words that were spoken by the old woman before I left the place," I muttered.

"What does it mean?" I asked him.

"Be careful what you wish for," John answered.

"Hold on. That's it! I made a wish last night and you are right here and real. That is unbelievable. No way. It only happens in fiction stories. For Pete's sake, we are in a new generation and all are being run by technology. D*mn." I exclaimed.

"D*mn what? What the hell are you talking about? You are acting weirdly Bella. And what fiction stories are you talking about? Are you out of your mind?" Asked John.

"Oh d*mn that name Bella, I like it, but this isn't real. And yes I am out of my mind, wait, I need to go out." I said and ran hurriedly towards the door.

John was calling me and asking where am I going but I did not mind him. I ran down the small alley to see the old woman. She's the only one who can answer everything. But to no avail, she was nowhere to be found. I asked the guard of the bookstore if he saw the old woman selling old merchandise near the store the other day. But he said no old woman was selling old merchandise on that street. It made things worse, I am doomed.

"I wished everything is just a dream. I want to wake up soon." I said to myself. John isn't my only problem, but the consequences I might face once my boss finds out about his existence at home. They might put me behind the bars. I screwed those thoughts in my mind and contemplated what better things to do.

I was like crazy talking to myself on the street while pacing back and forth. "Calm down Jane, you need to think. 12 days with him, that's my story. After 12 days, he will be gone. But what is happening right now is the sequel. D*mn."

I have spoken profanity words many times but it didn't help. I went back home and decided to go with the flow. I have wished for this, and I guess, there's nothing wrong to try living with John, besides, I like the character I have created. But it's creepy though living with someone you have made in your fantasy world.

We both have stayed at home on the following days because I don't want him to be seen outside, especially the guards. His treatment of me was great. He cooked for my food and we both loved watching the same genre of movies. But every end of the day was a struggle for me, as we need to sleep on the same bed. We were married, so what if he yearned to make love with me? D*mn, I am not prepared for that.

One night I was awakened by his kiss. His passionate kiss turned aggressive and he wanted for more. I stopped him and told him that I wasn't ready yet.

"This isn't our first time, why now?" He turned his back with dismay on his face.

"How can I make love with someone from my fiction story?” I told my mind.

My mind never sleep ever since John appeared out of the blue.

A fantasy that turns into reality.

To be continued.

The sequel of Bella and John's story is insane 🤣

This was supposed to be one article but it's quite long, so I cut it. Stay tuned for the last part. It will be posted tomorrow 😊

Thanks for your time.

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Written by   1443
2 months ago
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