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What Is A Good Content?

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Written by   735
8 months ago

I have seen numerous posts regarding this topic, and I think first we should start by defining a "Blog".

blog [blog]


noun (plural blogs)

Online diary on Web site: a frequently updated personal journal chronicling links at a Web site, intended for public viewing.

According to Microsoft® Encarta® 2009.

Let me capitalize what stands out to me: "ONLINE DIARY ON A WEBSITE"

How do you judge a person's "online diary"? You don't. You take it as an interest or you look the other way. It is personal, a form of expression intended to be shared with others.

my wonder aspin Sofia wanted to be in the blog because why not?

I have seen many exceptional writers on here, the kind that should be working writing magazine articles, newspaper journals, and even short novel writers. I could never on my best day write like these people. I respect their skill and art to the utmost.

I also see others writing articles that look like a college thesis, it is so brainiac like wow, so intellectual, and long that I look at it and go "blink blink" and wonder if anyone is reading it. The fact is this, people are reading it, and do you know why? Because of one very special word - "variety".

Let's look at the word variety when it comes to multi-million dollar companies and writing.

  • Television - King of The Hill, Everyone Loves Raymond, True Blood, Discovery Channel.

  • Magazines - Women's day, Seventeen, Marvel Comics, Forbes, Muscle Magazine, People Magazine.

  • Newspapers - Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Jewish Tribune.

  • News - CNN, Good morning America, Fox Sports.

  • Comedians - Eddie Murphy, Jim Carey, Howie Mandel, George Carlin.

  • Famous Writers - William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Dostoevsky, Anne Rice, Steven King.

Okay, enough of that. Here is the point. Everyone is different and in saying that one must admit have different interests, including writing styles that they like to read. Everything I listed above has three things in common.

  • They all need writers.

  • They are all vastly different.

  • They all appeal to someone.

The term "Content Is King" is something I wholeheartedly agree with, but who elects a King? The readers, not the writers who only appreciate other writers like themselves.

A "Blogsite" in its truest definition in my opinion.

It is a community of people from around the world.

Housewives, husbands, students, online selling mothers, college graduates, and high school dropouts, professionally employed, and the unemployed. There are pros and there are hobbyists. Some write 1,000 words and some write 400 characters (I do sometimes).

There is no judging, it is about individuality and the sharing of the diversities in everyone.

I will throw myself under the bus here a little. I am a simple person, for the most part, well-traveled and highly educated in the "school of hard knocks". Depending on my mood, I may write something deep and another time write about something completely idiotic like some of my articles here (gotta check then again sometimes) which I purely did for laughs and you know what? It worked! lol.

For the most part, I write about my family, my experiences, pictures I have taken, or my general opinion about things many people have a variety of opinions about. This in my understanding is the essence of blogging.

So, what makes a "Content King"?

You and the people who enjoy reading what you write. Go with it, have fun, be yourself. When you keep it real and keep it personal and people can tell you are writing about things that identify you as a person, they can relate to, and then you have made a connection. That is "good content" - not the perfect punctuation, or the dictionary- researching clever and intellectual-sounding synonyms.


If you are one of those literary geniuses who feel uncomfortable writing amongst those who do not write in what you consider to be "skilled writing", then there are writers clubs you can join or you can write a book and get published. Remember "Blogging" is writing your online diary. The rest of us will stay here and be happy sharing our personal experiences in our own way.

What category does your writing style belong to? You can drop a word down below, don't be shy, while I go fix my bed now and am so ready to go sleep. Goodnight, beautiful souls and I'll see you all sometime tomorrow.

Keep writing. Keep shining. Keep inspiring.

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Written by   735
8 months ago
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