Worrying about the Expenses for our Internship...

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10 months ago

As I said in my previous article entitled,
I talked about that I was already enrolled for the last semester. Also, we only have one subject to finished and it is our internship. But, I might be spending too much while doing my internship.

So, in this article I would like to share the expenses that I might spend on. It is just I want to list it so that I know the amount of money that I will spend.

I know it will be costly but I prepared myself for it, but I'm only prepared mentally lol. Kidding aside, in terms of financially, I think, I can provide the other things I need in this internship but not all of it. So, I am planning to do a "BCH for a cause" for my internship this year and hope I can touch people who have a golden heart.🥺

Let's get started!

Expenses for our Internship:

  • Notary

As our professor said, we will find an attorney who will notarized our parent consent and our memorandum of agreement. Before, when we did our work immersion during senior high school, the fee for notary was already 100 pesos ($1.8242) per page. I think, my prof just estimated that amount because it is impossible that it will not increase.

We need to notarized our parent consent that are 3 copies and 2 pages each. Then, our MOA that are 2 copies.

  • Costs for Print/Photo Copy

Today, the printing costs 5-10 pesos depends on the size of the paper. We need to print our journal where we will write the things we did everyday in our internship. Also, we will print it in a bond paper and compile and bind it after.

I'm lucky that I don't need to go to a computer shop for printing because my aunt have a printing machine. So, I will just buy 2 rim of bond paper in A4 size hehe.

  • Internship Uniform

Our school is proposing a uniform for our internship bit I am hesitating to get one because it might arrive late. Last year, some my classmates didn't get their organization shirt up until now so we are assessing if it we will get it on time before our internship ends. Also, it might be a rushed uniform because they only planed it week before our enrollment and class starts.

The design of our uniform will be looked like this and it is for boys and girls. We have 3 choices of designs wherein we conducted a voting system in our own class group chat to know the best one.

  • Dorm

The company where I will be deploying is far away in our house so I'm thinking to find a dorm near the place. My estimated price of the dorm per month is 1800 pesos and it includes the electricity and water bill.

But, when I computed it, I can save money if I will go home everyday because I will not pay dormitory, food allowance and others.

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That would be all! Thanks for reading this and stay tuned on my next article!

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:January 19, 2023

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10 months ago


I live far from my school and packing my own lunch saves me a lot from my allowance. I suggest you'd do the same, good luck on your incoming internship po.

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10 months ago

Good choice of cutting expenses. If your not doing already or planning on it, pack lunches and snacks for when your away from home

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10 months ago

Yeah that is one of my plan too, I will bring my own lunch and eat it on my friend's dorm there hehe

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10 months ago