Celebrating Valentine's Day with Friends!

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First of all, I would like to greet all of you a Happy Valentine's Day! May we always love each other and not just for a day! Spread love and not hate!

I celebrated this day with my college friends! We are together in our internship and we also have no dates haha. So, we just enjoy each other company lol.

During our internship lunch break, went to the mall and just had a few talks, walks, and food. We enjoyed the view even for a short period of time.

I enjoyed the beautiful lights and valentines theme in the mall. Colorful lights that are pleasant to my eyes.

Also, I take a photo with the huge teddy bear because it was so cute haha. Also, I can't afford to buy it so I just I asked my friend to take a photo of me and the teddy bear lol. Imagining that someone gave it to me lolol.

We went to the arcade but we didn't play because We don't have money to but tokens haha. We just watched the kids and couples play lol.

Then, when we get tired, we sat in the bench and after a few minutes we decided to go back to the company.

That's the end of our Valentine's day! I know it was a bit boring but maybe someday it might be fun together with my Valentine lol.

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:February 14, 2023

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