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First Vet Visit

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8 months ago
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Ever since I got the kittens, I knew that I would have to ensure the visit a vet. The best time would have been the moment I got them but I waited until Moshi's next vet visit so it is less hassle on my part. My sister also paid for the kittens' first visit so that is a plus.

I prepared for this moment since I knew the day would come. The first thing that I have to prepare is to get a carrier for the kittens.

At first, I was hesitant to use one since they might get too unhappy with the carrier. So I tried to carry them at the same time. After all, my sister carry Moshi to the vet wihout any carrier.

Let us just say that it did not work for the kittens. And their scatches on me are the proof and reminder to never try that again.

The carrier I found

I was on my impulsive mood so I had biught a lot of things before I even bought a carrier. At first, I was planning to buy an expensive one. But not the backpack type as I do not like how cats look so uncomfortable inside those carrier types.

But as I was scrolling, I found a similar looking carrier but for considerably lesser price. I decided to get that carrier as it had great reviews. Some even said that it is big enough for two puppies so I know that it will be enough for the kittens.

This is how the carrier looks. Forgive the bad quality of picture. I am not good at taking pictures.

I used this for their vet visit and I can see that it still has a lot of space even though the two kittens are moving around.

Look at them curiously looking at the vet. We were waiting outside as the clinic is just small and there were already people ahead of us.

We did not have to wait long though. We got in after a few minutes.

This is Moshi and Beau while waiting outsjde with us. They look like angels here but when they come inside, they are immediately playing around.

Moshi went first for their regular deworming. My sister gave her the deworm tablet as Moshi is acting defensively to the vet.

Beau is also given the deworm tablet by his owner. He is being skittish around the vet amd refuses to open his mouth.

The vet laughed because the dogs are afraid of their owners.

Kittens experience

I first had to fill out paper works for the kittens since they have no records at the clinic yet. After the paper works, I was given a booklet that will contain their stamps proving that they got their deworm and vaccinations.

The vet estimated that the kittens are around 2 months old based on their weight. I forgot to take a picture of the kittens on the weighing scale though. So you will not see how cute they looked.

Oreo weighed around 0.80kg while Presto weighed around 0.75kg. When asked about their sex, I told the vet that I assumed they are females, but now I am doubting that assessment. I will have to ask him to verify it next time.

After weighing them, it is time for deworming. They are to be fed with deworming liquid. Oreo went first and she is a good kitten. She drank all the liquid without mich fuzz.

Presto went next and I had scratches from her struggle to get away from the blue deworming liquid.

After this, I bought vitamins for the kittens. The vitamins given by the vet is LC-VIT+ since kittens needed Taurine according to him.

Then we walked Beau to his home, and my sister's bestfriend's mother saw the kittens and the carrier. She said she has one that have clear color so that the kittens can see the place more clearly. She gave it to the kittens for free.

This is the carrier I used when I brought the kittens to Batangas.

Next visit

The vet instructed me to bring the kittens back after 2 weeks. Moshi and Beau will get their next anti-rabies shot on June.

I will be waiting for May 29 for the kittens next visit. We plan to buy milktea afterwards before going home.

Closing words

I am planning to list some of the questions I have so that I can ask the vet about it on the kittens' next visit.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   356
8 months ago
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They are all so cute and I have no doubt that they are in good hands with you.

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8 months ago

Moshi din name ng isa kong alaga pero aso nga lang. Sadly she passed away a few weeks ago because of heart attack (?)

$ 0.00
8 months ago

I think they'll face hypoxaemia.. Which is less oxygen consumption.

$ 0.00
8 months ago

The cute kitten and mag and his cage also sis

$ 0.01
8 months ago

Your kittens are so adorable and nice looking.

$ 0.01
8 months ago

The kittens look cute.. Although I'm more of a dog person

$ 0.01
8 months ago