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2021 road map: Busting small blocker myths about Bitcoin and others

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3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)

Lead image by Chris Lawton

This will be the anchor article to break the myths this year 2021, there are some myths about how Bitcoin cannot scale or cannot otherwise work as Satoshi intended.

These myths were successfully used to stall the scaling and adoption of Bitcoin, until Bitcoin Cash present days.(well, came about through the blood, forks, drama and tears of a lot of the early adopters and proponents of free tax on-chain scaling).

I will be updating the list of myths as this progresses, based on the community's feedback in comments section.

Counterproductive Myths

  • Bitcoin is a waste of energy resources 

  • Increasing blocksize will centralize Bitcoin, because people won't be able to run them on their Raspberry Pis.

  • Bitcoin Cash is politically centralized

  • BTC is more censorship resistant than Bitcoin Cash

  • Cryptocurrencies are used for illegal activities

  • Bigger blocks will inevitably lead to centralization

  • IFP is the best fund option

  • Anyone can make a new Bitcoin

  • The small-block movement was supported by the majority of the Bitcoin community

  • Bitcoin must first become a Store of Value before becoming a Means of Exchange

  • Blocks need to be kept small to keep the system decentralized

  • You can not buy anything with Bitcoin

  • There is no real demand for large blocks.

  • Chivo wallet is better than wallet

  • Bitcoin Cash decentralization is a theater

  • SmartBCH is slower than Ethereum

  • Lightning Network is ready for mass adoption

  • Segwit is needed for the Lightning Network

  • Bitcoin can and will be shut down by governments

  • Lightning Network can easily accommodate all people in the world in reasonable time while keeping blocks small

  • Blocks must be kept full to have a working "fee market" to secure the chain

  • BTC is more secure than BCH

  • Bitcoin is too volatile to use as a money

  • Bitcoin can be hacked

  • Flipstarter is a political tool

  • Flipstarter is just for Bitcoin Cash projects

  • Bitcoin has an official website

  • Bitcoin Cash has a reference implementation

  • There is no way how to evaluate the value of bitcoin, unlike evaluating company stocks

  • There is no one in control of BTC

  • There can be only one true Bitcoin, all others are fake

  • ...

Collaborating on the mythbusting contest

You can help by adding myths you can think of which I haven't mentioned yet, there is a lot of Myths to debunk in cryptocurrencies ecosystem.

Positive contributors may receive #MYTHHUNTER tokens which are intended as a reward token, and for dividends issued by anyone feeling generous toward the mythbusting effort (using a tool like ).

So make sure you are able to obtain an SLP address for yourself! (get the Wallet, Electron Cash SLP edition, all of which support SLP tokens)

Commenting is free on, and good contributions will be rewarded by myself here, as I see this myth-busting article series as a collaborative writing project to which we (BCH community) can all contribute.

“If you don't believe it or don't get it, I don't have the time to try to convince you, sorry.” -Satoshi Nakamoto

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Written by   721
3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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