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Chivo wallet is better than wallet but only in dreams

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11 months ago


Living in a crypto world where thousands of wallet exist and each day hearing about strange name of wallets and different wallets from different countries and projects now thing which is most popular in crypto is bitcoin and when it's time for a person to choose a wallet there's countless choices for a person but thing which matter is where to go.

Most of peoples might be hearing about chivo wallet for the first time and i first thought it's belong from china coz of it's name but than i came to know about it's from El Salvador where bitcoin is legally used in daily life and government is into crypto so they're behind this wallet.

I'll share my own experience which wallet is more better and safe with some facts so let's go.

Chivo isn't for everyone use

When i came to know about this wallet after hearing it from El Salvador officials i tried to find it and try using it to experience how it works but it was not available in my country and at that time when I've heard they're giving 30$ worth bitcoin i tried but it was still not available and now I can't even find it on play store maybe because it doesn't exist anymore.

So it was only for peoples living in El Salvador and have many questions in my mind regarding it.

A wallet backed by government

Isn't things look fishy when a government is launching a wallet and why a person use wallet in crypto. Obviously when a person want to hold BTC or suppose BCH than it require wallet.

Also when a person cannot trust on exchanges peoples don't hold their assets on exchanges except those they want to trade so how a person can trust a wallet where government is involved.

So first thing which make chivo wallet failure is because of government involved.

Its obvious to get track by government and funds are more exposed.

Like we want to get rid of from banks coz they play with our money meanwhile wallets like this doesn't make sense in crypto.

Anyways I can't compare chivo wallet with coz I've never tried it but I've many reasons to prove why is better than this wallet.

Using wallet since 1 year

I've been using wallet from almost 1 year and till now it's my most favourite wallet for many reasons. Not a single time I've feel insecure using it and have no complaints at all.

I never lost my assets while using this wallet my all holdings is in this wallet and it doesn't take more than second to move it from one place to another. wallet has no concerned with my assets in it and they are just perfect in each and every thing. wallet supports bitcoin, Eth, BCH these three popular and used assets are supported in wallet.

Leave btc, Eth it's for whales who can store their huge amount of assets paying high fee otherwise wallet is most loved by BCH holders and even business or shops prefer using it because of it's one second, 0.001 cent fee and transaction.

Some of reason which make better than other wallets

  • wallet allow us to create multiple wallets for different purposes

  • wallet focus more on improvement and give users better experience

  • Swapping assets into other and selling them directly from wallet

  • We can scan our missing transaction incase transaction take too long

  • Their help and support

Being using it for whole month and I've seen new features and improvements every month from beginning till now it's working perfectly and loving it interface and it's way much easy to use.

Different wallet for different purposes

I'm using different wallets for different purposes and It's much better than other wallets. It's better because doesn't require to create a separate account to create a new wallet I've seen some other wallets where we cannot use too wallets and have to create a new account meanwhile allow us to create multiple wallets and after sending Funds to wallet now we can save our private seed phrase and simply we can remove our wallet from device.

Countless features in single wallet

Bitcoin com wallet always make things easy and simpler for peoples just like their amazing interface their features are amazing.

Address book is one of best feature i like most because it allow me to save address where i want to send money so it just save my time every time.

Also no need to go somewhere to convert from $ to our currency because we can check value of our assets into any country fiat.

Not only this app lock and notification make it more better and secure. wallet is secure and reliable to use

It's not backed by government and they don't have any access to our assets and I'm saying this because of my own personal experience and doing more research coz i was always curios regarding my BCH.

It is secure because i remember that time when a friend of mine lost his investment and at that time i thought let's ask their customer support it might be possible they will help us recover to it

That time i talked with them like a whole hour and they told me you can have access to your wallet only through your seed phrase and backup file if you saved it somewhere if you don't have both of them so you lost your asset and we've no access to your seed phrase or amount and they sent a whole paragraph full with details which cleared my questions and from than till now i always feel secure.

And after a month or more my friend has found it's private seed phrase in screenshot so after trying he got his lost amount back. help and support always cleared my confusion

There's no one exist in this world who was too noob in begining and i asked for little and littles confusion to their help and support even i was not sure that they will give time to clear everything but whenever i tried to ask for something they always helped me until i was 100 sure.

I still remember once i didn't received my Slp tokens and i thought unintentionally sent amount somewhere and than i talked with support and they adviced me to search for missing transaction and i got it in my wallet just after 30 seconds so this is another reason why i like wallet most.

I'm loving it

There's no comparison of wallet with any other wallet they're better in everything they care about peoples and having a secure wallet is all i need being in crypto.

Also I've shared about wallet experience and it's every single and helpful features in detailed and it was to participate in mythhunter contest.

Slp token collection

Though was the wallet i first time used and mythhunter was first Slp token I've received in my wallet and it's still in my wallet have more than 10,000 or something and I've distributed almost all tokens and have some left.

It's been a whole year now since I'm i met BCH and after a one month seeing @SofiaCBCH back with 2021 edition of mythhunter and i came to know about it too late but still did my best even without having too much time.



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Written by   522
11 months ago
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Nice Info Also see my article on Airdrop Crypto

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11 months ago

I don't know that one but nothing can beat wallet for me it's still the best 🥰

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11 months ago

Indeed it's best and no wallet can replace it

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11 months ago

Lol i don't there's no wallet exist as such competition and win among BCH wallet. its most faster and reliable than any wallet

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11 months ago

I agree with you!

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11 months ago is also my most favorite crypto wallet. Not much hassle, simple layout, easy to understand, and faster, not-so-complicated transactions. Amount reflects real time even transaction still pending.👌

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11 months ago

Indeed valid reasons and I'm also in love with these all things this wallet is giving us

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11 months ago

first time heard about chivo wallet. haha but looks like wallet

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11 months ago

Yes it's no more exist now so there's only one boss hehe

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11 months ago is the best wallet you can use and I have always recommended it to people

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11 months ago

Same no one can reach wallet level.

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11 months ago