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5 BCH Finally Achieved!

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2 months ago

I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad. Buy all of the things I never had....

Yieheee, just let me sing this song guys. I feel like a billionaire now that I achieve this amount of BCH. I know it's far from billions but I feel like a billionaire now that I have this amount in my wallet. i mean Who wouldn't feel that right? I feel like I'm in cloud 9 with Cloud 9 Overload Chocolate bars on my side. It's a beautiful feelings and I tell you, it is beautiful than the relationship you have with your duhh boyfriend, pfffft! Hmm, I don't really know what to say. I already said a lot the other day when I publish my article about My Journey with $CATS in SmartBCH its jus about you know how thankful I am that I discover and if it's not to that I will never learn about Crypto stuffs.

Before, in our time or when it's still in point system saving Bitcoincash is so hard because we can't hardly save $1 that time. You're already lucky if you were able to save that much after using your hands in interacting with a lot of people. But even if it's like that we're still happy, we're still enjoying ourselves because interacting with people means a new friends. I meet a lot of friends that time and right now we're still here. Though some already leave or maybe they just created an account but choose to remain anonymous - we enjoy those moment and while we're enjoying ourselves chit chatting with everyone we can earn and that's the highlights of all of this.

And then after 2 months of grinding and grinding in I was able to earn $41, load expenses is excluded. Imagine that, I will never earn that amount in any faucet or those captcha stuffs that was scattered back then and the number one online job that you can get before. I can't earn this in any sites that's why I become consistent and become active here to the point of almost spamming the comment box of the others. I mean, even if I am noisy my comment is still related to their article and that's what's importants I think. I befriends everyone and call them dears, ahh those good time lol. Everyone is our dear as in our dear friends lol.

Actually my content here is not that good but I think It made a lot of my reader laugh because of it. I don't like writing before but now? I'm not on expert level but I can say that I'm doing good? Or am I? I can't believe that I become a content creator here. As in. From a nonsense article that I wrote before it become less nonsense now I think. I know that my grahams still need a lot of work but as long as my readers understand my point that I think is enough already? So guys, I almost give up on this account to when I stop receiving a reward even after being active. But I didn't give up, I just stop for a while and then I came back again. So don't ever think of giving up okay? Stop, rest and then write again. Fightuuuu!!!

But anyways, its was October 2 when I completed my 4 Bitcoincash. I share that in my Torum account. I think I didn't write article about it. You can check that HERE if you're interested. It's thanks to, and some trading that I did in Binance - Spot Trading. Spot trading will not promise a great return but the profit you can get is not that bad also. I learn to do that thanks to those cool and awesome people who's sharing their experience in Trading some tutorial and all. I will be forever thankful with them seriously. And right now I really really want to dance how about Macarena or Budots? Hihi I just can't contain my happiness that I want to dance.

What more to say? Ahmmm, you all know that I don't set goals. I don't like setting goals because I will feel more pressured if I do that so it's better if I will just go with the flow and do what I am currently doing and whatever I achieve this month then cool, I'm the happiest hihi. I will publish my article everyday, read a lot of articles, leave a comment and give back something as my way of my thanking this awesome site. Doing this become my everyday routine so no problemo I will do it until forever - I mean as long as I can but to be honest I'm almost out of topic now. But well, I will still continue until whenever.

And yesuuuu after just a month, after achieving my 4 Full Bitcoincash in just 31 days I was able to achieve too my 5 BCH. This is only possible coz of that awesome SmartBCH! I took a risk and now UwU. But as I've said don't just invest in any token because of someone always DYOR and BLSH!!!

Thanks to this awesome site, to our awesome administration and to cool and handsome Marc De Mesel. Hands down to them!!! Thank You so very much for creating this wonderful site. This is awesomeness!!!

Guys my intention of posting this is not to brag (but I really want to brag🤭) but to inspire. Yes, boyfriend and girlfriend is not the only inspiration that we can have - this too can be your inspiration - only if you want to. That if it's possible to me then why not to you too right? I've been here I think for a year and 3 months, not sure and I was able to earn this. It's small compare to others but this is really a big amount for me. This is worth celebrating and this is awesomeness!

So don't give up if you're not getting any. Find an alternative and focus on it. As for me before - I mean before that I am getting less compare to others as in while they get a lot I only get 0.1% of what they can get and that's enough to make me feel jealous. But instead of feeling down I become more inspired to write my Article and also become noisy in everyone's article. And I think doing that gained a lot of friends and that's all enough. Not just that but also the reward that I can get to them because of their awesomeness.

So, let's get this!!!

$ 16.13
$ 14.27 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.33 from @nomadghada
$ 0.20 from @dziefem
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Written by   1135
2 months ago
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