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Getting Zero Heart Tips? Here's Why

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1 month ago

September 20, 2021

Time of writing: 12 pm 09/19/21

It was four days ago from the time of writing when I got zero heart tips on noisecash. At first, I thought it was due to a system error as I saw many posts on my subscription's feed that don't have tips as well. But after a few hours, other users regained their tips and mine remained zero 🙄. I didn't mind about it though because it happened to me two weeks ago where my tips were on and off. And it happened to many as well so I didn't mind about it at all.

After three consecutive days of not getting tips, it was regained last Saturday but only to my three posts, because on the fourth post, I got zero again. That made me contemplate my previous posts and the possible reasons why I keep on getting zero tips.

I have some possible reasons in mind because I noticed some before but I wasn't sure so I just ignored them. Then the attack on noisecash came which affects readcash as well. I opted to comment on the admin's post to inform him about the bug on readcash. My comment contains the possible forbidden word and I failed to post it. After removing the word, it was successfully sent. From that comment, I proved that the word is part of the forbidden words. Then I checked my previous posts for possible reasons as well and I spotted more forbidden words and posts.

These are just based on my observations and I remembered Eyb and MJ posted possible reasons as well for getting zero heart tips on noisecash.

And if you don't want to get zero heart tips, avoid using these words and doing these actions.

Do not use the word "Tip(s)"

This was the first word I proved that is part of the forbidden words and the word I was referring to about my comment on the admin's post. That day I used the word "Tips" in my comment but I wasn't able to send it. When I replaced it with the word upvote, it was successfully sent.

I was happy when my tips were regained last Saturday. But I suddenly forgot this forbidden word and mentioned it in my post. Then I got zero heart tips again 🤦‍♀️. I edited the post but it was too late already as I received multiple likes and probably the system detected it shortly. And I have no choice but to wait again for another three days to regain back my heart tips.

This is not the first time that the algorithm forbids using the word Tip. If you can still remember, the admin forbids us from posting complaints regarding tips, and any post with the word "Tip" was forbidden as well. There are still some users who keep complaining about getting zero to a few tips and that may be the reason why the admin forbids this word again. So even if your post is not about complaints, it will still be affected if you include this forbidden word in your post.

Avoid posting about Airdrops and Giveaways

Before getting zero tips two weeks ago, I posted about the giveaway of Cari here on readcash, and the next day I got zero tips. I also checked my previous posts, many were about different airdrops and giveaways. And this made me think that these words are part of the forbidden words.

Recently, we focused on different airdrops and giveaways of these different smartBCH newly launched tokens. Remember that the admin mentioned before that he won't support other tokens or coins except for Bitcoin Cash. And because of these free tokens, we suddenly forgot the existence of BCH and focused more on collecting other tokens. I am not sure of this though, but I guess the admin got feed up seeing a lot of posts regarding airdrops, haha.

This also includes meme competitions of other tokens. That's the reason why I stopped posting my recent meme entries on noisecash. So guys, instead of posting about other tokens, why not start promoting Bitcoin Cash? Besides, the platform was made for BCH mass adoption and not to promote other coins or tokens.

Avoid copying your readcash article content

I noticed this after posting my article on noisecash but I was too lazy to make a new caption that night because I still have things to do, so I decided to copy some content of my article. The next day, I got zero heart tips again. Therefore I conclude that this isn't allowed to be done on noisecash even if it's your own content.

So if you want to post your article on noisecash, make sure not to copy the content of your article and just make a new caption. Florie also claimed that she was doing the same before, and that might be the reason why she's not getting tips until now.

Make a few hours time interval in posting

I noticed the other users who are not getting tips are posting multiple posts per hour. They thought that the more posts they make, the higher tips they will earn, but no, it's wrong. It's the same on commenting if you comment too fast, the system will remind you to slow down.

A few hour intervals are necessary and posting too many articles per hour is similar to greediness. Some users are even posting one post per day just like @Bloghound and she maintained her generous tips.

Instead of posting multiple posts, much better if you will just interact with other users. You'll earn through commenting anyway, just take it slowly.

Avoid overusing your heart to your circle of friends

The algorithm is as clever as the creator and you can't fool it. If you use it too fast, the algorithm will notice it and you might be punished by removing your tips. I am actually guilty here because I did this before and might be the other reason why my heart tips were gone. Every morning as I opened my noisecash account, I used to visit my friends' posts, leave a comment, and heart them. It becomes my everyday routine and I always leave a comment on as many posts as possible before I become busy at work, and I just can't leave the post without liking it.

The algorithm might have noticed that I was doing the same thing to the circle of users. So avoid doing this and give time intervals as well in liking the posts. Do not overuse your heart, before it gets no value.

And lastly, this is already given and stated on the rules.

Do not plagiarize content from the internet or other user's post

I know the old users already know this matter, but I included this for the newbies. Just like here on readcash, plagiarism is not allowed on noisecash too. If you want to use a quote or photo from the Internet, cite the reference link or the maker of the quote.

I found out that this user Kashif93 blocked me for no reason. I learned about this when Eyb posted something regarding this user and when I checked the account, I was blocked by him. I opted to check his account using another browser and all I've seen were photos downloaded from the internet, and the last one was Eyb's post. Can't he even think that the reason why he's not getting any tip is that all his posts are plagiarized?

There are many things to post on noisecash without copying other posts, such as personal blogs, life stories, travel blogs, photography, even about the latest news and current events. There is always a story to tell, we just have to learn how to write it down to make it sensible to readers and will stimulate interaction.

And if you can't think of anything to post, why not just interact with other users. We are learning new stories and knowledge through it. Above all, we are meeting new people.

So if you don't want to get zero heart tips, avoid these words and actions.

And just have fun!

Edited: After posting this article, I saw KingReview's comment on noisecash and it contains the word "tip" 😅. Seem like the system is just playing on us, lol.

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Written by   1553
1 month ago
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