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Ruled By The Moon

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1 month ago

Today was a long Monday for me. I began early coaching my girl with her learning modules and later from that point onward, we went directly to the dentist to have a dental visit. I was having a toothache for longer than seven days, at this point with swelling gums and I was unable to eat appropriately. Along these lines, I chose to make a dental arrangement set at 2 pm. I needed to have my 2 teeth extracted, need some filling and cleaning also. I additionally brought my daughter with me for her dental cleaning as well.

At the dental clinic
lights on

As of the moment, I am feeling better now, no more toothache, and most likely, I could rest a little better except if my sleep deprivation draws in once more.

After our dental visit, we hurried back home to proceed with my daughter's modules. I took a break after that and ordered some street food online thru the app Foodpanda (my daughter's request). I was too worn out to even think about cooking when we returned home. We ordered a street food platter, isaw manok, and kimchi and that was our dinner.


After dinner, I laid on the couch watching the news until telenovelas come in. In the middle of watching, I continued looking at the moon up above in light of the fact that it was sparkling so brilliant. I'm extremely captivated with the moon since birth and I have posted an article about it quite recently. (My Post Link Here)

As a Moonchild (born under the zodiac sign Cancer (crab) - June 21 – July 22), I think I need to examine something about our attributes (me specifically). Let me know as to whether you all are something similar (Cancer people).


Zodiac Sign of a Moonchild: Cancer

According to astrology, the zodiac sign Cancer is controlled by the moon. It is a ladylike cardinal water sign. The water sign implies that "we" (Cancer people) are enthusiastic and experiencing life through feeling feelings more than an instinct. Water likes to combine and we regularly are drawn to our own signs or other water signs. We are normally clairvoyant and can see through any falsehoods or unscrupulousness. We frequently struggle to put ourselves out there verbally and will regularly depend on savagery or actual danger. We are less hopeful, but rather more outcomes arranged.

Cancer people can also track everything said and done and will utilize it against you when all is good and well. We are sensual and also like to snooze late in agreeable beds and devour tasty food sources.

We value security, particularly infatuated. We usually have one individual that we join and stay by regardless. We generally are not con artists, but rather continually need enthusiastic consolation from our accomplices.

Since we are ruled by the moon, we are likewise strange. Very much like the moon has a clouded side that can never be seen from earth. There are compartments of a Cancer's character which we may never decide to show anybody.

More Facts About Us Born Under The Zodiac Sign Cancer

  • We can truly smell a lie far in advance -very clearly

  • We are low-key perfectionists

  • We are real-life mean and insane

  • A sentiment is essential to us

  • We are very attached to family, food, Mother Earth, maternal sentiments, birth, water, and feelings

  • We are a little like cry babies

  • We are some sort of mood changers

  • We are soft-natured people

  • We would rather NOT hurt others than hurt ourselves

Generally, we Cancerians will in general have companions who guarantee us about our choices and spur them to pull out all the stops. We do require that additional push at times. Try not to quit cherishing a Cancerian on the grounds that they will adore you unequivocally.

You may add some in the comments below.

I guess that's all for today, my dear friends. It's about time to go hit the sack. I hope you have an incredible beginning to the week. Sending you all light, harmony, and mending embraces from your Moonchild friend. Goodnight and catch you at some time again tomorrow.

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September 20, 2021

11:55 pm


(The photos are my own and taken by me)

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Written by   493
1 month ago
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