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May Their Souls Rest In Peace

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1 month ago

Today was another long day for me and I spent most of the day getting around things done. On my way back home, I saw that our town' s public cemetery is getting creepy. The vines are crawling everywhere and it seems like nobody has begun cleaning their friends and family's graves at this point. In a couple of days time, we are observing Undas here in the Philippines wherein we visit our departed loved ones. I missed 2 years of visiting my father's grave because of the pandemic. His body was buried in other town. My sister however is buried here in my town and I last visited her a year ago. I'm hoping I could visit my father this year if the circumstance permits.

Photo taken earlier this afternoon

While some are caught up with setting up their outfits for Halloween and Trick or Treat celebration, here in the Philippines, Filipinos are caught up with planning for Undas. Although I do celebrate both especially prior to the pandemic.

Undas is a festival of All Saints Day and All Souls Day here in the Philippines. This the practice where Filipinos honor the dead by visiting their remains in graveyards, recollect them and appeal to God for their spirits in paradise.

This also clarifies why November 1st and 2nd are remembered for our rundown of non-working holidays.

Families of the ones departed are heading toward the cemeteries to visit their graveyards and observe Undas together. Flowers and bouquets are blooming, candles are illuminated and petitions are said for their departed loves ones for the duration of the day. Food is additionally one of the highlighted staples during Undas. Every family bring their own bites, lunch or supper to impart to other relatives.

Before All Saints Day and All Souls Day starts, people who are working are attempting to get that early leave so they can venture out to their own areas via vehicle or transport to be with their families to observe Undas. Certain individuals likewise take as much time as is needed to crush in some side ventures like going to the closest beach and investing energy with their families and friends.

These are a few different ways of how Filipinos observe November 1st for sure we call Undas. A few societies might celebrate differently yet, by the day's end, we as a whole offer appreciation and appeal to God for our departed loved ones.

Prior to the pandemic, we frequently spend Undas by going to the graveyards of our departed family members mostly late afternoon of October 31st, remaining there before 9 pm and contribute petitions, flowers, and lighting candles for the everlasting rest of the souls of the perished.

As limitations on mass social events are set up due to the Covid-19 virus, the manner in which Filipinos mark significant events in their lives have changed both for the living and for the dead.

The 2 cemeteries that we always visit had effectively given a declaration that it will be shut to the public for one entire week beginning on October 29 all things considered and will open again on November fourth. I intend to go there up to a few days before the month ends and bring flowers to my sister, father and grandparents, Afterward, light a candle and deal petitions on All Souls Day at home.

Do you you have Undas in your country?

Good evening or goodnight, everyone. I am very sleepy and tired so, I'll go ahead. I'll try to catch up sometime tomorrow. Don't scare yourself, alright? Awoooooo!

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October 20, 2021

11:40 pm


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Written by   575
1 month ago
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