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Hello Read dot Cash Community! Happy Monday Everyone!!

ln this article, I just want to share what happended to our graduation pictorial yesterday.

Our section's schedule for graduation picture was at 1pm to 4pm. We went there before 12 to not get late because the Jeepneys that are passing during that time was limited.

There are 3 steps when we arrived at the venue. We waited for our friend before we registered or the 1st step. She arrived very late because she had attended an event in their church.

Then, we went inside to do our hair and make up. The guy who do my make up is so handsome lol, and he's good in the things he did to my hair and face!

After that, I get in line to take my toga and Filipiniana. We don't have toga in our graduation day so I embrace that moment wearing a black toga. It didn't take long and we did our "barkada shot". We thought that the studio have their props but they doesn't have so we just borrowed the props of our classmates.

That's it! Thanks for Reading!!

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:April 3, 2023

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1 year ago


he's good in the things he did to me.

Naloka akooo ano pa ginawa nya HAHAHAHAHAH

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1 year ago

di ko alam pano explain ng English e hahahahhahahhaha

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1 year ago

You are almost there šŸ˜Š. I know all of you are getting even more excited for your graduation day.

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1 year ago