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Heartbeat1515 random read #17

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5 months ago

Reading can give us new information or perhaps a new perspective depending on what we read and how we decipher it. I hope you will enjoy the randomly picked articles curated by me,@heartbeat1515. This is personally picked based on my interest and opinion.

  1. Codes of Survival in the Hungry Society written by @Mary.Larebo

    "Focus and smile", she said. She does not only mean the word focus and smile itself but elaborated it into new sources of motivation. As for me, a smile is my strength but then focus is my weakness. I am halfway through my focus and hoping to improve more soon.

  2. Staying home written by @marblely

    She wrote a haiku for the curation Duo program and I can feel her feelings through this poetry. The pandemic for sure made me miss a lot of things too especially breathing freely. Seeing patients gasping for air though they are already on high concentrated oxygen support and knowing that the funeral will not be able to be attended or process by the family members.

I spent time reading poetry submission and I hope you enjoy all the mentions below. I have not started reading since my other laptop broke the other day and hopefully this week it will be alright.

Below are the entries that we received from Curation Duo #1 program held by me and @wakeupkitty


She managed to write one poem a day. Thank you so much. Other than that she also wrote eye-opening articles along with her poetry.

  1. Embrace

  2. Freedom

  3. Eye-catching

  4. Broke

  5. Outside

@heartbeat1515 (myself)

  1. Through the screen (Announcement post)

  2. If I can fit into your shoes

  3. Bored

  4. The new normal


  1. Staying home

  2. Frustrating...


  1. This New Doesn't Excite Me


  1. Be safe

  2. Corona

The Curation Duo #2 also has started for the community SST: Christians.

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Written by   244
5 months ago
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Thanks for the mention I will try and write on this topic once I'm through with the topic I'm writing. Thanks

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5 months ago

Thanks for the mention. ;) I will try to post again.

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5 months ago

It's been a long time since I last write a poem. I miss composing. Maybe soon.

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5 months ago