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Curation Duo #1: If I can fit into your shoes.

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6 months ago

Curation Duo #1 started 3 days ago for the community SYT: Poems. The community is admin by me,@heartbeat1515 and moderated along with @wakeupkitty.

We are starting this Curation Duo program to help each other improve the quality of written articles and to encourage healthy comments. We miss the moments where every writer is engaging with each other before the spammers come in.

For Curation Duo #1, I would like to read your thoughts, feelings or experiences about the current pandemic, Covid-19 through poetry.


Please read the requirements need at the end of this article.

DO NOT FORGET to read the requirements.

Here is my poetry for today.

If I can fit into your shoes.

If I can fit into your shoes,

I will know exactly the size of your feet.

If I can fit into your shoes,

I will realize that you are not comfortable with it now.

If I can fit into your shoes,

It means that we have the same size of foot.

Less than I know,

The struggle you are experiencing with your shoes.

While I am skipping happily ignoring your pain.

The padding of your shoes is thinner than mine.

Your feet are filled with calluses while mine is not.

Yours are old while mine is brand new.

Just like your shoes are not mine,

So is your struggles through the years of the pandemic.

You said it is hard but I told you that it is not.

Less than I know,

That your refrigerator is empty while I have an extra one filled with meat.

I am blinded by your smiles,

Blinded by the fake laughter you let me hear.

You left me in my world,

Where I live with happiness for the sake of me.

I left you alone,

As you wished me to be out of sadness.

If only I noticed this earlier,

I wonder if things could be better for you too,

As it has been for me.

Here is my second poetry for the curation duo program. Below I include the links to others that joined in.


  1. Through the screen

  2. If I can fit into your shoes


  1. Embrace

  2. Freedom

You can use syllables counter for your poetry as suggested by@wakeupkitty

Take care of our articles and our readers will take care of us.

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Written by   244
6 months ago
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This is beautiful, can be made into a song <3

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6 months ago

Maybe I will try turning it into a song someday. I have not been writing songs for a while.

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6 months ago

I love this one. Well done. 👍💖

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6 months ago

Thank you. This is written inspired by the current death of a friend's father due to the pandemic.

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6 months ago