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8 months ago
Topics: 2021, Poem, Poetry, Pandemic, Covid19, ...

Curation Duo Week 1 started.
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I am home alone.
It is two thousand twenty
"stay at home" they say.

I do what they want.
Solely alone I am.
Spring, Summer and Autumn too.

"We do this for you."
I know this isn't true, a lie.
I'm old, useless, done.

I want to go out.
This is my life I decide.
I fought for freedom.

It's December soon.
The whole world praises Jesus
Love, light, not for me.

A useless person
Undermined, paralyzed, feared.
Friends die of a heartattack.

At home killing time.
Seasons pass by still alone.
I survived wars, flu.

I know what to do.
There's no need to live go on.
I want my freedom.

No rain no sunshine.
Visitors left long ago.
Tablet, gaming, dead.

I used the Haiku for inspiration to write a poem about the situation we call "the pandemic", covid-19, life threatening. Is life worth depression, loneliness? Are governments abusing the elderly for an excuse to stick to restrictions and lockdowns which hardly make sense? Is life still worth living if there's no freedom, no contact, no way out?
Acvording to the " specialists" we go back to normal but reality is we will not. There's no way back. Many died. Not because of covid-19 but what the restrictions caused, what governments did. They died because of depression, because doctors, hospitals no longer cured those who are ill, operations are no longer done.
They say we win this 'battle' because more people had the virus and became immune, more people are vaccinated (became ill and immune).
Those who lived longer, never became ill, stuck to all rules, stayed inside for months, over one year till today are stronger, are immune but are also suddenly labelled as 'the bad guys' by those same experts.
Democracy is in danger if we do not let people decide how to live and how or when to die. An elderly lived longer, survived war, all kind of diseases and has the right to enjoy life after years of labour. We don't do this for us, we don't care about them, we do not visit or like them but we do use them for an excuse to spread fear and sell the lockdown.

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Written by   766
8 months ago
Topics: 2021, Poem, Poetry, Pandemic, Covid19, ...
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I won't lie I do sit in the balance box I have discussions about his with the hubs almost every day Yes, I think we do need to take safety measures so we are not one of those who get it and pass it on... Just like we know when we get in a car, there is a chance we could die or be badly injured by an accident. So we take all precautions to avoid it, but we still get into our car to get from A to B Not sure, if that's making sense...

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