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7 months ago

Today is the day
I dare take a look outside
Suddenly it's Spring

Fresh air blows inside
Paradise in front of me
No way to escape

Days, weeks, months pass by
It's indeed greener next door
I am losing me

Curation Duo Week 1 started.

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Photo Pandemic Poetry 2021

Through the screen by @heartbeat1515



Eye catching

If I can fit into your shoes by @heartbeat1515



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The photo used is mine.

View outside my bathroom. Next door it's green for sure. I live on the country.

#kittywu #poetry #pandemic #photoprompt

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Written by   766
7 months ago
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This pandemic for sure has been going on for more than a year now. The world outside might look the same but the feelings of going outside might never feel the same again.

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7 months ago