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8 months ago

Take a Break
It's just a phase
Time to breathe

Stay home

Who will pay?
No need to work
Sleep whole day

Life is good
Bills remain

Blah Blah
Pouring rain

Still not dressed
Old vest
Is this me?

I blame...
End of game

Dark days, a lack of future, are facing many. At first, it looked great. They cheered were happy they could stay at home. Time to relax, no need to find an excuse why not showing up at work. Time for the family, friends, hobbies and pets but first extra sleep.

Time passed by and what looked great turned out to be a disaster. Staying at home isn't the issue but the fact it's not done out of the free will. Freedom is taken away. There's no place to go, person to hug and the world turned into one of "window wavers" to one we do no longer greet at all.

Trouble at home, financial problems and the only person we see is the cashier. There's no money to pay for the extra costs to deliver groceries at home. Rushing over to the shop, waiting in line, dirty shopping carts never cleaned in a thousand years and no toilet paper!

Being sacked, bankrupt and the bills on the mat pile up. There's no way to pay them all if setting a foot outside is good for the next bill. What to do, how to earn, afford it all? If the state doesn't care how to hang in after nearly two years?

Politicians, groceries and pharmacies sell, even online they do very well. If they are the only ones not indeed there isn't any need for politicians to give up on restrictions and for me... No reason to be social and go on.

The rich will be richer and poverty will increase and there will nothing be in between. Love will not solve the high financial need due to bankruptcy brought to so many. Restrictions that killed dream.

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Written by   766
8 months ago
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I like having extra sleep too. It feels good and refreshing every time I wake up. Since the pandemic started I have been more tired than before but now it is getting better. I still have my job and monthly salary yet I am struggling financially because of the changes that happen for my loan status( This problem is solved and what left is to pay the balances and debts).

I cannot imagine the condition face by many who lost their jobs. That is the inspiration for my second poem, 'If I can fit into your shoes".

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7 months ago

We have cut down a lot on expenses, and that has helped with the paycut... but The Hubs still has a job and for that I am grateful every day. What started out as a 2-week cosy time has become 14 months of craziness and right now I don't even know what to expect any more... Words of comfort does not feed the hungry, but I'm sending you some positive thoughts still <33

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7 months ago

The pandemic and the lockdown have destroyed and minimized people's lives and activities. To the point that I have seen many dissolved marriages and long faces on the street, and as you say, many people do not find a way out of these situations.

And governments ignore this :(

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7 months ago