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Curation Duo #1: The new normal.

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7 months ago

This is my fourth and last poem for the Curation Duo #1 organized by me along with @wakeupkitty.

I hope that those writers also managed to find a little bit of relief after conveying their feelings, thoughts and experiences of the current Covid-19 pandemic through poetry.

Some can accept, some can adapt though they are filled with hatred, some express their longing for the old days and some express the things that they see around them.

This program made me see the pandemic from your eyes and thoughts. I have travelled to Netherlands, Venezuela, Malaysia, Phillippines and Nigeria through your poetry. There is still time for submission on this topic which is pandemic.

All the submissions can be found at the end of this poem.

The new normal

It was only yesterday that I breathe freely without a mask,

It was not very long before that I can walk outside without fear,

But then they told me to stop.

Stop going out without a reason,

Stop shaking hands,

Stop hugging,

Stop meeting each other.


Stay at home,

Stay inside,

Stay safe.

The next day after,

And the next after today,

They named it...

The new normal.

Below are the entries that we accepted through this week program.


She managed to write one poem a day. Thank you so much. Other than that she also wrote eye-opening articles along with her poetry.

  1. Embrace

  2. Freedom

  3. Eye-catching

  4. Broke

  5. Outside

@heartbeat1515 (myself)

  1. Through the screen (Announcement post)

  2. If I can fit into your shoes

  3. Bored


  1. Staying home

  2. Frustrating...


  1. This New Doesn't Excite Me


  1. Be safe

  2. Corona

Curation Duo #2 will start soon and we will be waiting for the announcement from @wakeupkitty

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Written by   245
7 months ago
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Breathing freely is hard to many even without a mask. We no longer need it outside. Ask my child the answer "I never used it I can hardly breathe". Not lied the allergies and nose trouble for some continue even with medication.

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7 months ago

Thanks so very I have fun doing this and at the same time I'm improving on my writing . I also glad u we're able to visit Nigeria through my peom lol

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7 months ago

I had fun doing this. Thanks a lot. :)

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7 months ago