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Written by   763
7 months ago
Topics: 2021, Poem, Poetry, Pandemic, Life, ...

Curation Duo Week 1 started.
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Was there ever such a great day, was there?
Did my bare feet ever touch the ground,
were flowers my shield and did Mother Nature embrace me?

I tell myself this was me indeed.
It was me who cared, wanted to touch.
I loved to kiss and cuddle so much,
even hugged the tree with tumours in the backyard.
So full of life, love, joy and with empathy and...
I lost all of what once was me.

Four hundred and twenty-four days ago
I was surrounded by bullies, threatened, raped,
close to bankruptcy.
The ugly introvert, nerd was ignored.
Allergies, burn-out, tough life.
Single, no caring husband or wife.
Not greeted.
No kisses, hugs or warm embrace.
I was a big mess.
Indeed I was in need.

I know no one ever listens to me.
Eyes filled with hate remained blind.
Daze for reality name negativity.
Just like the world, my life and personality.

I embrace the pandemic that doesn't hurt me.
Suddenly I am accepted, I count, am the same.
No longer alone, all misery is gone.
Finally, each one of us has to stay at home.

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Written by   763
7 months ago
Topics: 2021, Poem, Poetry, Pandemic, Life, ...
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Hey I am a very passionate poet and I wrote this some days earlier on my Seeing someone have common interests make me really happy. Give it a read, hope you will like it..... Liked your poem and just so you know, this community is always here to suck out the negativity you might have faced as evident in poem...

We miss the days we could go out, It sure is plight this virus has brought...

Nothing is normal and shaken souls, Tremored scared, a million sos calls...

But we still see love around, It has sprouted even in devil's ground...

Its power can be felt in intense prayers, Like no one's alone and every being cares...

Helping each other, unparalleled unity, Donating dimes even in scarcity...

Campaigns so beautiful, their goals so pure, Vaccine is alright but this love is true cure...

Bustle in city exits no more, Families together and terror to core...

But all bonding together like never before, Love will defeat strong waves to shore...

And I should mention frontline here, Nobody but they know best meaning of care...

Superhumans, living cut above, Serving humanity with pride and hope...

Just know you are made of steel, Also, almighty is "time's wheel"...

Precious efforts and faith will shine, Defeated corona very soon will whine...

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User's avatar DM
7 months ago

I love it and I suggest you make a post of it. Add a photo and submit to the community Poems.

You can always add extra text underneath to have more words. Let's give the present plague room in the history of poetry. I agree it's hard to find birds of a feather and there's a small chance it will be rewarded but we can tip each other.

Ps you can edit this reply. 👍💖

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7 months ago

yeah so right...I will see to it soon...thanks for review...keep writing

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User's avatar DM
7 months ago

Sounds like the pandemic gave you better days than before it started. It did reconnect distant family members here at our place too. It gave people chances to reconnect and appreciate each other. It is not as wonderful as before but everything has its reason to happen.

Thank you for joining in. I hope we will have more to read soon.

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7 months ago

It's not about me. I wrote how many feel and to whom the lockdown did well. Today we are all prisoners and home alone.

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7 months ago

You managed to deliver the message to me. It is a beautiful poetry.

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7 months ago

Thank you. I just posted another one.

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7 months ago