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Passing by years, We did not Realize that we already changed

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1 month ago

Memories with your Cousins is one of the most thing that you can’t forget because they are the first kids that you become close with since when you we’re still a baby until you grow up as a person that who you are now.

In this article, I will share you some memories with my cousins that I can’t forget because I wanted to think that all of our Happy memories are just like happened in yesterday because I can’t believe how much we all changed by years.

I am One of the boys

When I was kinder, I don’t have many girl friends in my Grandma’s house. If I am vacationing to their house, My friends is all boys because that is just the only option that I can be with plus, I am really not into barbie doll before because I like playing PSP with My boy cousin who is one year younger than me. So, when we are vacationing to our house, We always play PSP and we didn’t care how much the current fee before yet because our grandparents are not angry or against to it they always let us play.

But when we go out, we are always with our older boy cousins. We have 2 older cousins that in our Mother side they are my Uncles but in Father’s side, they are my Cousin because my father and their mothers are Cousins. Even if they are my cousin in Father’s side, my Mom always told us to call them Uncle however they did not like that so I call them ‘Kuya’ referring to Older brother.

So that is the reason why My hair before looks like boyish style because I wanted to be like them. Whenever they go and whatever they do I always do it too. Like playing basketball even if I can’t shoot it in the ring and going to play in the field and do the gun fight like we are a police.

Being a one of the boys is good because i am their princess, I have two older brothers that always protect me when I am being bullied by other children because they are still Elementary before then and I can go to them if I am crying and when my Mom is not there.

Agua Bendita Drama

When we are still kid, I have my first best friend. She is born next to me and I don’t call her ading since we are just 4 months apart.

Are you familiar with the Philippine TV drama Agua Bendita before? Because when we are always in the water, like swimming pool and beach we are always have this kind of bonding, like we are playing a role play. I am Bendeta and she is Agua since I like to role as a villain of the story.

When we are still a kid, we have this kind of games not just Bahay kubo right? Like playing as a Mother, Father, Ate, Kuya, and or Bunso.

Christmas Caroling and Singing like a pro singer but the truth is the dogs are barking

How I can’t forget the moment with them in this kind of epic situation. As a bonding of cousins and influenced by our Kuya and Ate’s because they like us to do a caroling. This is one of the traditions of our countries right? Like you needed to sing a Christmas song using some singing Materials even if it is a low budget.

Before we planning to do a Caroling, we don’t have some materials to use so we collect some materials to recycle it. Like we collect some tansan pinipitpit nalang namin back to back katulad ng de de mong plat tapos nilalagyan namin ng butas sa gitna para malagyan ng alambre and bottles with a jolen or stone inside.

And then after we collect and made some materials, we will decided if what song will be the first that we will sing, like that.

It is very dark outside but good thing that some houses has a Christmas lights. My parents is very against for us to do that but we like to experience it too. Good thing that our grandparents before let us because we have some 3 older brother and sister to take care of us. It is very exhausting to walk and sing one by one houses. We experience some people closing their Door, Window, and lights. However we just laughed and we blaming our self because we are not good at singing.

Another memories about that is, How I can’t forget that we also experience running because of some dogs that barking. Reason why in the end, we just have a little money but still we enjoyed it because we can able to experience to carol to some people’s houses.

Ex-Change Gift During Christmas Celebration

This is also one of my memorable moment with them of being a kid. As a bonding of being a cousins, we have this kind of celebrating every Christmas that we needed to do a exchange gift. Our money in the Caroling nights is the money that we used to buy our gift for someone kung sino mabubunot namin and napagdesisyonan naming Pagkain nalang instead of things because our money is not enough.

I also remember that we also just but in the Canteen near the school because that is the only store that available and palpak din kasi sabay sabay kaming bumili. Hindi na tuloy secret yung Boy bawang at Maxx candy na regalo ko sa pinsan ko Haha and our cover for our gift is just a cellophane with name tag . Lol

Guesting what is the next Advertisement

During our Vacation or if we have a occasion in our Grandparents house, we also have this habit because we are complete during that kind of time. That if we are watching a TV, we are always guesting what is the next advertisement and if who are correct, she/he will be the most beautiful/handsome on earth and if who is not correct, it is opposite. So if we are all wrong, You know what is the meaning already.

But during that happy moments, It changed in just a blink. When my two Kuyas became a young man, they already change like they don’t play with us anymore and since that happened, I also change of friends and I become a true girl already. I don’t play as a boyish and i stop playing PSP with my younger cousin because he did not go to our Grandparents house too and I just counted it twice when they will go there.

Same with my best buddy which is the younger than me, she did not going out in their house because she is scared of sun that maybe, she will get tan again and she hated that. You can’t also mapipilit siyang pumunta sa mga occasion sa bahay kahit birthday payan ng lolo at lola namin.

Since, I was living with my Grandparents because my Mom and Dad is already Divorce and my Mom is in the overseas working, I know how we become distance to each other for how many years. Like, we did not have a proper conversation to each other and we become not close and even if we go to their houses we are just passing by each other maybe because we did not know how to start. Like that.

In the past years that we don’t have a proper closure, I can tell that we all change a lot because we already experienced having a Boyfriend and Girlfriends at hanggang ngayon may jowa parin sila hope all ako wala. Anyways, we are already a grown up as a Binata and dalaga na. We are already in our 20’s as an elders and 18’s to our younger cousins. Some of them is also grow up taller than me which is why i think it is very unfair because some of my younger cousins is my god! I can’t tell if who are older and younger maybe oo na, ako talaga mas bata sakanila 🤦🏻‍♀️

We also have a reunion in the moment of special day of our Grandparents. Good thing that we can now talk properly and we also have a conversation in messenger except to my best buddy because she did not very talkative to us and she is still staying in their home and not attending some special occasion even in that day.

Right now, I am crying because my one of my Kuyas is now engaged to his long time Girlfriend and the reason why I write this is because of him. I am crying because of those memories that we shared together as a cousin bonds will not be happen again because I realize that we can’t stay as a kid. Someday, we will get married in the future. We will have a Kids and we will not be longer the kids in the past. I realize that I will never depend to them in the future because they will have their own dreams too and they needed to complete their life.

My Kuya once said, “Kahit na magkauban pa ako sa ulo, Ikaw parin ang prinsesa ko. Sumbong kalang pag may nanakit sayo.”

Which made me cry more because of the mix emotions that I feel. Maybe I am happy because finally! He found her partner that he can be with forever and Sad because we cannot become the same as before. But still, I am happy for him. ❤️

Even if our happy moments will become past and out dated, they will be still remain in my Memories and heart and I am blessed because God give us time to meet even if it is just temporary. ❤️

Thank you for reading! How about you, do you have a happy Memories with your cousins too?


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Written by   38
1 month ago
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I am also one of the boys sa mga cousins ko. Nakakamiss yung mga memories. Sabi nila mas maganda daw mga barkada mo mga lalaki dahil poprotektahan ka nila. Pero syempre dapat pumili din tayo ng mga barkada na kilala natin na mabuting tao. I remember pag dumadayo kami sa ibang lugar para makidisco, wala talagang lumalapit sa akin na mga boys. Takot kasi sila sa mga kasama ko.😁😅

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Oo nga lalo na kapag mga pinsan mo barkada mo diba? Mas maganda at mas mapagkakatiwalaan meron din kasing mga lalake na nangrrpe sa mga barkada nilang babae diba?

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yes true. May nakikita akong balita sa tv na ginagahasa ng kabarkada. Kaya dapat talaga na marunong tayong pumili ng mga kaibigan natin.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

There is this popular saying, "people change." This saying is constantly mentioned by many because this saying believes to be proven and tested. And for me, this saying is true because everyone change. You can't expect someone to be the same person you know. There are so many factors that will contribute to why people change, and one example of that factor is time.

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1 month ago

Right and so we can change for the better if we can’t changed maybe we can’t learn our lessons in life ❤️

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yes, exactly ☺. We must change for us to see progress. We must change ourselves for good. We must not change if our reason is that someone hurt us or because life is unfair. We must change to become a better version of ourselves 😉

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Medyo masakit don sa part na pinipitpit back to back gaya ng... Wag na nga! 🤧 Sobrang dinidibdib ko eh hahaha anyways, natawa ako don sa part na yon HAHAHAA nag iimprove kana ngayon ah. Tsaka sana all nalang din talaga may jowa ako din eh wala tara hanap! 🙄

Nakakalungkot lang talagang isipin na hanggang doon nalang talaga tayo. Mananatili nalang sa ala-ala natin ang mga masasayang memories kasama ang mga ispesyal sa buhay natin e ano? Pero hindi talaga tayo pwedeng manatili sa past kung siguro nga ay mananatili tayo don hindi na tayo matututo. Good for your kuya kasi nakahanap na siya ng partner niya ❤️ sana siya na ang the one

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Masakit ba? HAhahahaha Truth hurts ika nga e 🤣🤪 tsaka ayaw di ako naghahanap ng jowa sakit lang tan sa ss este puso

Oo nga di talaga tayo mananatili sa past. Kailangan nating tumanda at magbago dahil magkaiba ang bata sa matanda. Oo ikakasal sila pero di ko sure if when sana all nalang

$ 0.00
1 month ago