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My Parents taught me These 5 little things in life

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2 months ago
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Being Parents, you can’t think anyone else but to make your child Happy. All you can do and all the things that you want to do is all for their best. You can’t stand seing your child sad or cry, you don’t like them to think that they are unloved and you don’t like them to be hurt. 

In my 20 years of existence in life, when I first open my eyes, seeing them Happy while looking at me of course I don’t understand them because I’m still a baby and I don’t know anything about this world but I know that during that Time i know that i feel great, i’m happy because Finally, i see my parents. 

Growing up in the simple life is hard. You don’t have the things that what Others have and i envy the other girls around me. I also remembered that i have this moments that I make some tantrums if my Mom will not buy me some doll in the market. She will also spank my butt because I’m crying hard and it makes her feel shy because everyone is looking at us. But dispite of not buying some toys, she just treat me in a Jollibee so that time, 

1.Mom Taught me to be practical

I don’t even understand what she is trying to saythat time because i’m just a little kid who doesn’t mind what happening around me but these words until now, I remembered her saying “Alam mo anak, wala ka namang mapapala sa laruan.Masasayang lang kasi masisira. Matuto kang ibili ang pera sa importanteng bagay at hindi sa mga bagay na hindi mo naman kakailanganin” And while growing up, I realize that My Mother and Father did not have a money to buy those things. They just giving their best to give what just like when we go to Jollibee, there are some time that I like to eat to Jollibee and when we go there, I’m just the only one who is eating while my Father is just staring at me while Happy eating my fried chicken. I don’t even Have time asking him if He like to eat. Like i said, I’m just a little kid and I don’t know anything and then I realized that, Even if they don’t taste some delicious foods, even if they don’t experience what I am experience before, Seeing us as their children happy is enough for them. They are doing their best just so we don’t experience the things that they did not experienced when they are young.

2.My Grandpa taught me to save some money

My Granda before is a Barangay Kapitan or Barangay Captain in our Barangay. He is a good role model to everyone and to us as their Grandchildren. You know, when I was young i’m very proud of him. I always tell my classmates that my Grandpa is a Brgy. Capt so they will be scared of me. After that happen, many people is always asking me this and that esp. if what did I eat, what did I do, Where i will go? Then I realize this funny thing while Writing this that ‘Naging Apo lang ng Barangay Captain yarn?’ anyway, there was a time that I want something but mom did not like to buy it and that is the doll in the Market before we go home, Mom and I always stoping by to our Grandparents house.

That time, My Grandpa selling cans and bottles to someone who is buying destroyed and old cans and bottles. I asked him why he is doing those and he told me that I can earn money using this method by Finding some cans, liquor bottles or any bottles in your house or streets. You can also save some cans or bottles of your moms used using sack. You can save a money by that, You can buy your doll in the market or you can buy anything you want and i remembered him want me to sit in his lap because he wants me to tell something and he said “Matuto kang mag ipon para sa sarili mong gusto. Dahil pag-laki mo, hindi kana aasa sa magulang mo anak, dapat alam mo ang hirap ng mga magulang mo.” while pointing to my Mom with a sad look “Umuutang lang ang mama at papa ninyo ng pera mabigyan lang kayo ng masarap na pagkain ng ate mo. Kaya ikaw, wag kang gastador ha?”

After knowing about that, I decided to save money. My Baon in everyday is 25 pesos per day, so i just buy the 5 pesos and I just save the 20 pesos so My Mom just give me 5 pesos in the next day.

I also did what my grandpa told me to save some cans and bottles so in weekend, i’m finding some in our neighborhood with my bestfriend and I also told my Mom that if she has a bottles and cans used she can set a side.

I’m still doing this right now. Saving money so that I can buy my things and not giving my mom a problem. I don’t tell my Mom what I like to buy but when she giving me allowance, sometimes I used the small amount for my food if i’m hungry.

3.Don’t steal if it’s not yours

There is a moment when someone steal something to my Classmate. That time, I’m very shocks because i did not know that there is someone who can do that to our School. I told my mom what happened and she told me not to Steal what is not mine because it’s bad and If I will do that, my dad will chop chop my hand, but i’m not like that, even if I don’t have the things that my classmates have, I’m contented to what i Have. My mom also told me that you can go to prison if you do that which is m I find it scary.

in my Second year of High school one day, My phone is missing. That is my Moms gift to me. I did even imagine that it will be gone and steal by someone. My classmates know if who is the stealer but did not talk because there is another word that my mom told me “Wag mag bibintang kapag di mo nakitang kinuha” which is their parents also thought them about that. So even if I know Who, I did not talk because I do not have a more proof.

I decided to give it to who is that someone steal my Phone. I think it as a Donation because maybe that person is in need.

4.Don’t Bully and fight with your Classmates

Fighting with your classmates and friends in your kindergarten and Day care School is natural. You can’t stop children to fight to each other because of small things. However, while you are growing up, sometimes you would think that you are already grown up so fighting is not a thing for you anymore.

However, during my High school days, it become a mess. I did a Fight with some people that I hated the most but it’s not because I want to just what the others always doing but i have a reason. I want to fight for myself because they are already too much. I can’t imagine that I endure their bullies to me for how many years and in that years, i did not do anything because i don’t like my parents getting mad to me. I don’t like them to fight and hurt because of me.

I feel so sorry to my Mom because I disobey her. That time, my mom is already in the overseas. My Father is there but, he is a liquor addict. He is always going home drunk. Our life changed when my Mother goes to overseas to work and to give everything that we need just so we can study hard.

So i don’t have someone to talk to about what’s happening in my life. But I did not bully anyone before because I know the feeling how much suffering that person will Feel. Even my sister bullies me a lot but she is exceptional. I can fight myself against her because that is how our Siblings bond.

My mom scold me after knowing about my fight with those people. That time, I couldn’t let my mouth spill the things I want to say. I just endure it again and again until my mom knows everything that what I endure she feel sorry because she is not there for me to hug me when those times happen. I just told her that’s okay, I already learned how to stand on my own she told me not to fight because I want to but “Ipaglaban mo kung alam mo saan ka tama. Wag kang makiki apid kapag alam mong mali ha? Tandaan mong pag binully ka ulit, tawagan mo lang ako andito ang mama para sayo.” But even if she said that, I did not told my mom if what i think, what the things burdened in my life, I did not told her because I don’t want her to hurt.

5.Always have a Manners to Elders

When I was young, a little kid. I always say “Po” and “Opo” when I am talking to the elders. My Mom thought me to have a manners to elders. Because it’s not good to hear to call them by their names. I respect some elders that are always talking to me even my teachers.

But My life changed when we need to transfer to our Grandparents house. Like what i mentioned above, My mom needs to go to overseas to work. My sister and I needs to go to our parents because our Father and my Mom is already divorce. Because my father has a another child to his Workmate.

Anyway, They treat us here like we don’t belong to their family except for our Grandpa. He did not tell or complained. I endure those times that i hurt because of their words to us but when I grow up like this time, like what I write to my previous articles, I learned to be cold to everyone. I do still have respect to them but when they are telling something to us, I will not stop myself but to talk back. My sister thought me to stand on my own this time that we are just the two of us here. Actually, they are shocks in how we grow. Our family did not expect me to become strong. So like this time, they are very quiet and did not tell anything anymore. They already become kind but a fake one. However,I don’t mind. Because I told to my self that someday, they did not know that their behaviors to us will go to their childrens.

But like I said,I just prayed for them. I don’t like to do anything and I let God, bahala na siya sakanila.

I’m blessed that i born to have parent like my Mom. She thoughts me everything that is right and she knows that it will be for my own good. I right this because i want to tell to everyone that If I do the things that is not right, it’s not my parents thought me. It’s my choice for being like that. Don’t question every kids bad behaviors because it’s not parents faults that they become like that.

Always Remember that:

There is nothing Parents wants but to do the everything that makes their Child Happy. Parents did not lack of taking care their children just so you can question how they care us. If you will become a parent, you will understand that.

wait! i don’t have still a Child okay? I’m still young. 🤣

Thank you for reading! This will be the end. I don’t know that I write a long article again. Be patient in reading my article thank you ❤️

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Avatar for SenyoritaWriter
Written by   38
2 months ago
Topics: Home, Truth, Love, Lesson, Learning, ...
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Simple things but very important in out lives no. Mom also teach me that but sometimes, I can be really bad even today sama pa rin ugali ko haha.

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2 months ago

Diko din maiwasan na maging masama sa iba dear. Nakakainis lang na pati ugali natin na ganito ikwekwestyon ng iba at ito daw tinuturo satin ng mga magulang natin kaya ko nasulat yan.

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2 months ago

I'm very much grateful to my parents that they taught me all those things you've started. If it were not because of them, probably I am living the opposite of my life right now :)

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Right I’m also thinking like that. The What If’s in my life if i don’t experience those things what i have right now. What will happen to me?

We should really grateful to them because if it’s not because of them, we cannot learn the good things in life.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

all the teachings that your parents taught you were exactly somewhat the same to me, but I couldn't follow them because I'm a kinda rebellious person. Live a life with no regret :)

$ 0.00
2 months ago