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Reasons why you can tell that you are Blessed because your life is different from others

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1 month ago

Everyone has a Different status in life. They have a different stories that we cannot judge and we can’t know.

Everyone have those beautiful smiles but we can tell that they are hiding their pains by just a simple looks in their eyes.

Everyone maybe they are laughing but deep inside they can’t fight anymore because they can’t lie in their words and actions.

However, if you think that your life is worst, before you think that you don’t like to live anymore, you experience depressions, anxiety, and mental health think those people that I will mentioned and read it Carefully.

Are you aware that there are some people who are experiences worst more than you do? Because I can tell that you are still blessed even if:

1. You are just poor

Many people think that living in a small houses and not comfortable places might think that they are struggling and it’s very hard because they don’t have enough supplies of water and things that they need and they are hard of finding money.

Remember, if you are thinking that having a house and uncomfortable places might look like you are struggling a lot?

Think how the beggars in the streets live. They don’t have proper places to sleep, they don’t have money, they don’t have foods and they needed to dig some foods in the trash bins just so they can fill their hungry stomach and people like you always look to them as they are a dirty people. Do you think their life is a joke to you?

They can experience more than what you experience because unlike you, you have a family to go home to, you can eat a delicious food for twice or tree times a day, you can sleep in a proper bed even if you don’t have aircon yet you still have a fan, you can still do everything you wanted and how about them? Can you imagine how hard their life is?

2. You just eat a simple Dish

“Ma, ano ulam?” that is the only words that you can tell to your Mom and when she said that she cook a dish like Tuyo or dried fish you will walk out and do a tantrums because your dish is not yummy.

For your information, before you will throw a tantrums because your dish is just simple, you should think again how life the beggars in the street is. Just like what I said in no.1 they don’t have the things that you have. So if your dish is just like that, you should be still grateful that you have a rice and foods and you are experiencing eat at least three times a day.

Foods are blessings and they are all delicious so don’t waste it and be thankful to god because that is a blessing.

3. You are Struggling to your Studies because of some Assignments and home works

If you are a student and you are depressed of your studies and you don’t like to live anymore,

You should Remember that there are some many children that cannot study even if they wanted to because they don’t have money and they are just poor. So you should be grateful that you can learn and you can study, that you know how to write and you can read. How about them? The people that you always see in the street, they don’t know how to read and write. They are just playing rather than they are holding a book, pen, and pencil. So you should study hard than you are not.

5. You are acting perfect but not really a perfectionist

Bullying is one of the most problem case in our countries because there are a lot of people who are bullying some People who have a defects. But little thing that they don’t know that the life of people who doesn’t look normal like them, struggling just so they can survive.

Because first of all having a illness is not easy. You are laughing because they look ugly? They can’t hear you? They can’t walk? They can’t talk? They can’t see?

I can tell that you are very blessed because you experienced the things that they can’t. Like;

  1. The deaf person like to hear the normal voice of his/her parents

  2. The mute person like to convey with his/her parents and or other people around them but unable to speak

  3. The lame people wanted to play soccer, basketball, and other sport but couldn’t do it because they can’t walk

and other things that you can do but they can’t do. I also wish that people who is good at bullying can experienced how difficult the life of those people who have a defects so that they can understand the feeling of it.

Because I am inspired to write this topic because I saw a lot of people laughing of some defect people. Little thing that they did not know, people like them are blessed too because they have a lot of talents, just like;

  • They can paint even if they don’t have a Hand, and they are using their feet.

  • They can sing even if they are deaf

  • They can still able to convey to many people by acting using their hands

  • They can still play basketball even if they don’t have leg and they are just sitting in wheel chairs

and other talents that normal people can able to prove to everyone that they can still do it even if they are just like that and I as a normal person, Idolize them.

While the other people who are bullying someone like them are have a lot of suffering after those bad things that they do just like what happened in some dramas right?

So be thankful that you still born to be normal and you experience some good things in life. Whatever your status your life is we should still Thankful because we are blessed to have these things and don’t waste some opportunities that they give in your life.

Before you will end your life, before you bully people that different from you, before you complain about your life you should think that there are still some people that experiencing worst things more than you do.

So be a better person and be thankful that you are blessed ❤️

Thank you for reading! I hope you will learn something to this.


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Written by   38
1 month ago
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That's why my dream before when I was kid is to become a Teacher. So that I can also help some Children who can't afford going into the School and they can learn how to Write and Read.

Life is a blessed for us, no matter who we are we should accept our self and just like @CarlosAndJane 's said, "waking up in the morning is one thing you can tell that we are blessed" because we still able to experience different things and we still able to be with our family.

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1 month ago

You dreamed of being a teacher? how about now? Did you become a teacher po?

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1 month ago

The mere thought of you still being able to wake up in the morning is one thing you can tell that you are blessed. Not everybody is given that chance to live in the day you're living no matter how hard they wanted to. And yes, we shouldn't compare our lives to others for surely, there will be people greater or lesser than us. We should just live our lives and be contented in what we have. :)

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1 month ago