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Wishful Thinking, A Day of Adventure,

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2 months ago
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Alright, you all know that I like him - err we're not gonna go down in this topic again, no way. It's just a slip of a tongue and I'm not really sure who I am right now. But whatever, let's get down to business now and forget the things that making you remember him. Erase, erase!

I get the idea of my today's article to one of the my friend here @Meyzee, her artikol has a title; Things I want to try Alone,.... And because of it the memories from the past came rushing to me, chorr, lol. I mean, I always share here that I love to imagine things that I can't get in reality that's why I'm just getting it or doing it in my imagination. And that includes an adventure that I really really want to try. I have lots of that, and even if it's just on my imagination, I can't still help myself but to feel excited with just the thought of it, lol.

It will be awesome if I have a close friend with me doing it, but because I don't have that someone or a close friend that I can just drag to go with me, then doing it alone is not that bad either. Sometimes in my imagination, I am with my man that I like to go with me. Sometimes a celebrity and sometimes my crushes. Oh, yes just thinking about it make my heart race faster than when you fall for him, lol. Anyway, I will just share to you these cool things that I really want to do. Let's start from the simplest to the most extreme one.

1.) Drive a Motorcycle from Manila to my Hometown.

Image from Unsplash

Lol, I know this is just ahaha. I always have this desire to own a motorcycle. Not just the simple one but the kind of Motorcycle that I can flex everywhere. I love Motorcycle but I don't know to drive that's why I do it in my Imagination, lol. And my imagination goes like this.... I will travel from Mindoro to Manila to look for a job and work my ass off there. Work, earn and save and once I already reach the top and I already build my own empire.That's where I will buy a Ducati or David Harley Davidson Motorcycle. I don't really know much about motorcycle but I really want that brand, lol.

And I will do it from an all black outfit and a leather Jacket with boots and all the cool thing in the world. I think I will feel really cool on that thing. Ahh, I just wish this is real. It's only in my imagination that's why I want it to be grand, lol. And I really want to do this, kahit wag na yong own empire basta ma experience ko yong pag travel on my own with my Ducati Panigale V4 R 🤧. And, I'm hoping that I can do this someday. And I'm also wishing that I can do it with the help of Bitcoincash, yayyy. It's free to dream naman kaya nilakihan ko na.

2.) Try Motocross

Image from Unsplash

I really love cool things and I imagine myself sometimes that I'm some cool woman who loves to do extreme sports. And as I was saying I can't drive. Mommy before want me to try driving but I'm the one who refuse to it. I don't know ulaga ako noon ee, lol. Anyway, I only see that Motocross in Video and it's really cool. Even a kids can do it so why not me right? And the first thing that I really need to do is to learn driving.

I think this'll be easy na coz I know how to drive a bicycle, I hope so, lol. I want to experience it even just once. I want to make it jump while doing some flipping, oh Gosh how cool and awesome is that. I feel like all of my worries will be sweep away once I do that stunt. I hope I can do that before I reach 4o, lol. It's exciting, but for now aasa nalang muna akong mapapansin mo rin ako, wahaha.

3.) Try Zipline

Image from Unsplash

I am so jealous to some of my classmate who already try this one. They say it's a good experience even though it's really scary. But once you're on top already while the Zipline is running and you saw the beautiful scenery while you're moving. All of your fears will be wash away and you don't have a choice but to enjoy the beauty of Nature, it's awesome. There are some here in our place like that but, I don't know if when will I be able to try it. I want to experience the adrenaline rush that they are saying while doing it.

4.) Try Scuba Diving

Image from Unsplash

The truth is, I'm not fond in swimming. I don't know how to swim actually, I love beaches but I want to just watch it. Stay on the seashore and let the sea water touch my feet. Enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. But, there's one thing that I really want to try. I think I can do this easily as this one needs an equipment to be able to swim. And it will be okay to a non swimmer like me. I really want to see with my own two eyes the beauty of the underwater. I only see it on a Picture and it's really beautiful but I want to experience it. I just don't know when, but I'll surely gonna do this.

I still have lot of things that I really wish to do and experience before I vanish to the world. I just hope that someday, if I be given a change to do it. I will do it without inhibitions and will just go with the flow. The only question here is, "When." Lol.

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Written by   942
2 months ago
Topics: Thoughts, Experiences, Life, Random, Fun, ...
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