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Getting Started in Useful Tips and Guide for Beginners

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9 months ago

A couple of days ago, I read in a Reddit post that the aim for creating the platform is to distribute Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to as many people as possible with the goal of promoting awareness and mass adoption of the coin. I want to believe the platform is living up to its potential as I and thousands of people from various regions (many who can't afford to invest their money in crypto) now hold some amount of BCH and have learned a lot about Bitcoin cash ecosystem.

Bitcoin cash can become more useful and valuable with a significant increase in the number of users (and its usage thereof). So every additional Bitcoin cash adopter makes BCH more valuable for everyone involved in the network. This is the Network Effect.

New Readcashers are very important to the strength of the and bitcoin cash community. As we join the community to learn, share content, and connect, it improves potential of becoming the best places to be. And when earn BCH, promote it to people in our various communities, hodl, and/or use it (being peer-to-peer electronic cash), we promote the growth of Bitcoin cash adoption - which could benefit everyone on this platform.

As new real users are important to the growth of this community, I believe it's necessary to warmly welcome them (like I was) and provide them with useful tips and resources to make their onboarding hassle-free.

Here, I'll share some useful tips and resources that could be useful to beginners on

Useful Tips for Beginners

1. Backup Your bitcoin cash wallet.

Every user is prompted to write down the 12- recovery words (seed phrase) during the process of signing up. If you failed to save it or write it down then, it's not too late now. Go here to find your seed phrase and save it or write it down somewhere secure. This is essential so you don't lose your earnings (BCH).

A week after joining, my phone developed a fault and had to be flashed. The BCH wallet (where your earnings are stored only exists in the browser you used to login to the platform. So after the repair, I logged in to and was asked to create a new wallet or import an existing wallet. It's a good thing I wrote down the seed phrase, I was able to recover the existing wallet and gained access to the BCH I earned.

If you don't back up your wallet seed phrase no one can help you recover your Bitcoin cash when the need arises.

To backup, your wallet (if you've not) get started here.

Note: save/write it down somewhere safe and don't give it to anyone as it gives complete access to your Bitcoin Cash.

Secure your asset while you still can.

2. Update your profile

You can add an avatar (your picture or logo), bio (a tagline/brief self-description), and links to your various social channels and website. This lets the members of the community know a little bit about you and helps them connect with you away from These are not compulsory but recommended. You can also add an email if you didn't do so during registration. This will come in handy when you forget your password (for password recovery).

3. Write your introduction post

You won't be penalized if you don't. But what better way to start than to introduce yourself to the community. It helps your potential readers to know more about you and what to expect. You can write about your personal and professional background (as much as you wish to share), how you heard about (you can mention the user that invited you if any), your passion, skills, hobbies, and interests, and what readers should expect from you. You can tag/mention some users in your post - to improve your post visibility (as any user mentioned in your post is notified about it. And they may decide to check your post out and welcome you. But be careful not to mention too many users. You can tag me @Lixten if you don't know anyone to tag.

Tip: To improve the chances of your articles earning tips, ensure that your article's reading time is not less than 3 minutes. 3 minutes reading time is about 600 words. Also, avoid plagiarism.

Go here to see the full requirements for a tip-worthy post.

4. Engage with other users

Spend some time on the platform to read, like, and comment on posts that you find to be interesting. You can subscribe to users whose content aligns with your interests. This platform is beautifully diverse - whatever your interests are, there are users to meet them.

Tip: Commenting should be done in good faith - giving constructive criticism while respecting the opinions of others. Your comments should be relevant to the content you are commenting on. Avoid spamming.

5. Enable the sponsor block

Sponsorship is a unique feature on You can sponsor people and have people to sponsor you. To get sponsored, you have to activate the sponsor's block. To do this just click the $ button in any of your posts, you'll get a box like this:

Sponsors of Lixten

See more details on getting sponsors.

You may want to read:

6. Explore the platform

The platform is simple and user-friendly. So navigating comes easy. Try out the various features: from subscribing to publishing articles or short posts, joining communities, commenting, liking, tipping, etc.

Read through the about us page, FAQ about, rules, affiliate guide, Bitcoin cash guide, and any beginners' guides you receive from the team (you will find this on the notification page). So, navigate around, look through the platform content, and explore the various features. The more experience you have with, the easier for you to use and the more you can contribute to the growth of this awesome community. You don't have to do everything at once.

7. Publish your content

On you can post about any topic of interest as long as it's within the rules of the platform.


  • Write about something that interests people

  • Write periodically: every day, every few days, every week

  • Engage your audience to do some action to stay with you

  • Be readable, use correct grammar

  • Have patience - blogging takes time

  • Promote your articles

  • Prefer writing in a language you know well


  • Don't write about something that has millions of other authors writing about

  • Don't copy articles of other people

Read more details here.

In all, post something interesting and avoid plagiarism.

Other Useful Resources

Writer's Tools

Below are guides on using editor tools that will be useful to write, add images and videos, and publish good content.

User Tools

These articles contain tutorials on how to perform some actions as a user on the platform. From how to block uses

I hope this post was helpful. If yes, give it an upvote or Like 👍. I also welcome any additional tips and guidance from more experienced readcashers.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more!  

You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more details on and what is expected of you.

Disclaimer: The information shared in this post is my opinion from my two weeks' experience on For more information about the platform DYOR and refer to the appropriate sources. A good place to start is the FAQ section.

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Written by   140
9 months ago
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Good tips, I wish I knew how to enable my sponsorship block when I started. But better late than never.

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9 months ago

Well, it's never late if you are not planning on leaving the platform anytime soon.

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9 months ago

When we first come to work, we do not have complete knowledge about that work. This article is a complete package which is very helpful for new users. important for new read cash users.

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9 months ago

I'm glad you believe it would be helpful to new users. That was the plan.

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9 months ago

Very important is that backup of wallet seed words. I often forget them. But now i wrote down all in my note book.

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9 months ago

Yes! It's very important. I would have lost my earnings had I not backed it up earlier.

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9 months ago


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9 months ago