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Two clicks and earn gifts 🥰...

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6 days ago

Happy #BCHday guys . This is @LeoBanna . As you all knew that I promised you about my next giveaway contest. But after a few days , I saw many of our authors were arranging a lot of 'Giveaway contests' too. I'm very happy about them . They are arranging something which are making us active here too. So I didn't announced my contests yet.

But today is a special day for me. I would like to say why... 🥰

1. Today is our beloving #BCHday .

2. I got 50 subscriber on my own.♥️🥰

(It could be nothing to you guys. But the subscribers are everything to me) 💞

3. Today is also Eid-ul Azha festival.

As I'm happy today. So I would like to announce an easy and quick giveaway/gift contest right now. 🥰 I don't want to make it #complicated. 🙄

As I'm a student , so I will give a small amount of gift among the minimum any 50 persons of our users with an upvote in the comment.😇

It's very simple . All you have to do is ...

1 . Subscribe this ID ( if you are new here) and if you had already done that, don't worry . 😇 Thanks for subscribing me.😊😊😊

2. Just raise ur hands up ✋✋✋ or write your username of @Read.Cash in the comment section below. 😋 And I'll send you your gift with an upvote here.

that's it . Isn't it to much easy ? 😇 But be honest guys. 😊

@Arnavaria @Akash. @EYERISH687 @Cutie_Angel_Mukta @Shrabanti1

And any one who is interested , please make sure you are sharing these news to your friends and other users of our community 💞 through any medium. It's your wish. So that they all will have the opportunity too 🥰.

The contest is open till I get minimum 50 peoples Comments. If it comes more . No problem. I'll make a short post before I close the contest. 🥰

It's a free giveaway contest. I'll announce another one in the upcoming days.

So , try to stay connected with me.. 😇

Thank you.....

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Written by   173
6 days ago
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