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Birth Month Giveaway

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6 days ago

As I've said in my previous article, this month is my daughter's birth month. The month when I was really anxious about her coming to this world. The month when I was patiently waiting for her and at the same I was being impatient in waiting to hold her. She's my first born and my Unica Hija. She's means to me as much as the whole family means to me. Being part of readcash community means so much to me, as well. So, in celebration to her birthday, I am hosting a "Birth Month Giveaway" for everyone. :)

I will be giving away:

$2 for one winner

$1 for two winners

and a total of $2 will be for consolation prizes.

(Amount of prizes and/or number of winners may increase in time)

"What are we supposed to do then?" Yeah, the details... It's as simple as writing your articles everyday. But this time you need to:

🐞 Write something about Horror/Thriller. Your article must have atleast 600 characters or more. Can be a story or anything. it's your choice, it's freewriting. The period of time in writing is 10 minutes.

🐞 Join and post it in Thriller/Horror Stories (dc61) community.

🐞 Include 3 or more word prompts in your article. (DREAM, TWISTED, SILENT, DARK, TERRIFY, COLD)

🐞 Mention ME, COMMUNITY and the CONTEST in your article. (PLEASE MENTION THESE THREE)

🐞 Paste your article's link here (comments section) so I can include your entry in the list. 3 entries per participant is allowed.

"Who judges this contest? How are winners be selected?"

I will be reading each submitted articles to check for validity and quality. I will select best entries from the participants and have people vote to which they think is the best entry. I will be posting short post regarding that in the future including the list of the entries chosen for voting. :)

Freewriting tips for this contest:

Don't stop writing and don't mind the punctuation, spelling and grammar until you're done. That's editing, not writing. :) If you are having trouble with English, write it on your native language and just translate it when you're done. Don't try to think. just continue and loose control. Think of it like you're just telling a story to your best friend. :) That's your story so you will not be judged and there's nothing wrong with it as long as it is of course still under the rules... haha

The submission of entries will start on Aug. 3 and will end on Aug 15. Aug 16 will be the start for voting and on Aug. 22, winners will be announced.

You can join the community and practice if you want.

This giveaway is to encourage people into writing quality articles so please no plagiarism. We want to be fair. Only submit articles that are originally written by you. Also observe community standards and Readcash rules as well.

I would like to thank all my sponsors ( @Baij , @FerferClear , @prey27 , @Allesh12 , @Mila , @Otek , @Dangerous_Fly , @scottcbusiness ) , supporters ( you know who you all are 😉 ) and to @Read.Cash who made this possible for me. You are all appreciated and will always be appreciated.

Goodluck everyone. Keep it rollin'!!

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Written by   149
6 days ago
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